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Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

JJ is sour about Daniel, Sonny speaks to Will, and Kristen is emotional.

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At the hospital, Sonny tells Will that he'll be out in no time. "You're a dad." Sami and Lucas listen as Sonny says Arianna looks just like him. Sonny speaks from the heart about their love. He realizes Sami and Lucas are there. Sami hugs him. They thank Sonny for everything he's done and he goes to check on Adrianna. In the waiting area, John shows up. EJ suggests they take a stroll. In Will's room, Lucas tells him he's a hero. Sami talks to Will about the baby. She and Lucas are so happy for him. They find Sonny in the waiting area. He says Ari's doing great, and goes back in with Will. Lucas snarks about EJ, but Sami tells him not to start. They laugh and toast to becoming grandparents. In the room, Sonny tells Will they'll have a great life together with Arianna Grace. Sonny rejoins Sami and Lucas. Sami goes in to talk to Will, and Lucas tells Sonny he realizes now how much he loves Will; there's no one he'd rather see his son with.

At Jennifer's house, she embraces Daniel when he says Will is going to be okay. Abby watches JJ. He offers his thanks to Daniel, who looks skeptical. Jenn and Daniel leave. JJ speaks negatively about Daniel to Abby. She asks what his problem is. JJ says he's glad Will is okay but Daniel was just doing his job. They bicker. JJ says Daniel will never be better than Dad. Abby says they all loved Dad but they can't keep torturing themselves, it's not what he would want. JJ tells her to go hang out with her own Dr. Feelgood. Abby huffs off. JJ's friend arrives. He asks if he's 'got the stuff' and invites him in.

At the DiMera house, Stefano enters as Brady hugs Kristen, excited about the wedding. Brady steps out, and Kristen tells Stefano that John is going to get what he deserves. Stefano asks what about Brady? Kristen goes to kiss Brady and leaves. Brady tells Stefano that after the wedding, he and Kristen will find a place of their own. Daniel arrives to rescue Brady from the 'temple of doom' since it's his last night of freedom.

In the park, EJ fills John in on what happened with Will and asks about Marlena. John says it's over between them. EJ is skeptical. They discuss Kristen marrying Brady. EJ doesn't think John has a choice but to accept the relationship for what it is. He leaves. John mutters, "What it is, is over." John calls to see if Kristen checked into her room yet. He saves a draft text saying 'meet me in Kristen's room', and removes his wedding band.

In her room, Kristen takes out her wedding dress and imagines marrying Brady and having a baby with him. She tells herself to stay strong; this will all be over tonight. Jennifer arrives with wine and pizza. Kristen awkwardly refers to having chores to do, but goes along; happy to have a friend. Jenn says she deserves to be happy and the wedding is going to be perfect. Kristen snaps, "Stop. Just stop." Jenn asks if she's having second thoughts. Kristen says not at all, and changes the subject. Jenn mentions JJ's less than ideal return. Kristen says she's a great mom. She tells her Brady agreed to adopt and tears up. Jenn decides to take off. Kristen cries. Later, she is sipping wine when John shows up.

In the pub, Marlena tells Hope that John wants a divorce. Hope says Gran would say that where there's great love there's always hope. Marlena says John thinks there's no way to go forward. Ciara arrives and wants to see Johnny. Hope says they need to talk. They leave. Johnny joins Marlena. He tells her he's glad he missed Ciara. He's about to talk about their fight when EJ appears. Johnny goes off and Marlena and EJ discuss Rafe and Will. EJ's about to ask her to babysit Johnny, but she volunteers. Later, Johnny tells Marlena he did a bad thing.

At the cafe, Ciara tells Hope that she hid the letter so she'd take her to the zoo; she works so much. She says Johnny does bad things too. He took something from her.

Daniel and Brady eat in the square. Brady wonders if John can't be happy for them, why he just can't leave them alone. After tomorrow he'll have to accept the fact he can't split them up. Jenn joins them and says Kristen needed her beauty rest. Brady muses about going by to see her.

EJ arrives at the DiMera mansion and asks Stefano if this shindig is really going to happen. He toasts to the event of the season.

Sneak Peek!

The DiMera's rally around a devastated Kristen, who later makes a surprising move.

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- Candace Young

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