Nails In Stefano's Coffin.

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Arianna is born, Hope shoots Jansen, and EJ meets with Justin about Stefano's downfall.

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Sonny delivers Gabi's baby on Smith Island. He spanks the baby to get her breathing and he and Gabi tear up as they meet Arianna Grace. In the shed, Nick sobs and calls Jansen inhuman, for shooting Will. Nick vows Jansen will pay, just as Hope barges in and shoots Jansen dead. She calls EMS and Will opens his eyes. Back-up finds Sonny and Gabi in some shed across the island while the EMS works on Will.

At the coffee house, Sami accuses Kate of putting Rafe into a coma the way she did Chloe. Kate hauls off and slaps Sami, who gasps, realizing Kate's in love with Rafe! They go outside and bicker about EJ and Rafe until Sami gets a call about the shooting.

EJ and Justin meet at the park. EJ hands over some documents - the final nails in Stefano's coffin. Justin's amazed EJ got three of the most respected men on Wall Street to sign over their proxies to him. EJ tells Justin that Stefano's distracted over Kate's affair with Rafe, so the timing is perfect. He receives a call from Sami, who is in tears and tells him to meet her at the hospital.

At the hospital, Daniel and Maxine hope Rafe will take a turn for the better before his niece arrives. Suddenly, the EMS arrives with Will and he goes into surgery. Hope and Nick arrive. Sonny wheels Gabi and Ari in and Maxine takes Ari for tests. Sonny and Gabi are horrified to hear of Will's shooting.

Lucas bumps into Marlena while leaving the pub. They discuss Sami marrying EJ and Marlena says even she can't figure it out but she'll be there for her.

Back at the hospital, Will's in surgery when Kate, Sami, and Lucas show up. They're all shocked after hearing the news of the shooting, and Sami blames Nick, thinking he wanted Will out of the way. She beats on him until EJ arrives with Justin and pulls her off him. Dr. Knapp examines Gabi and assures her Will is in good hands - Dr. Jonas is attending. In the waiting room, everyone goes to meet Arianna while Justin, Hope, and Sonny pace. Maxine hands Ari over to Gabi in her room. The room fills with Sami, Kate, and Lucas, who fawn over the newborn. Gabi tells them Arianna weighs in at 7lbs and 20 inches. Sami holds the baby. In the waiting room, Hope tells EJ she knows he wasn't behind Rafe's attack. EJ wasn't surprised. Pointing the finger at the DiMera's is what passes for police work in this town. Nearby, Justin pats Sonny on the back for delivering Arianna. Sonny grins. He saw Will in Ari's face when he delivered her. Sonny breaks down with concern over Will but Justin promises Sonny won't lose Will. Will's love for Sonny will make him "fight like hell to come back to you," Justin says. Vargas arrives and gets an update from Hope. He goes to Nick and rides him about keeping his mouth shut. Daniel interrupts, fresh from surgery to tell the family that Will's okay. Everyone laughs in relief. Sami and Lucas go see Will. Maxine tells Sonny, Justin, EJ, and Nick that Will is doing fine. She allows Sonny to visit him, even though it's against policy. EJ says he'll recommend to the board she gets a raise. Vargas tells Nick to leave what Jansen did to him in the past. "It doesn't make you any... less of a man," Vargas says. He goes to Hope, who is beating herself up over what Ciara did. He gives her a pep talk. Meanwhile, Sonny rushes to Will's side. Later, Hope calls Roman to update him on the situation and Justin calls Adrienne. Marlena holds Arianna in Gabi's room while Kate tries to figure out who she is to the baby. They take photos and Kate sends them to everyone in her address book. A nurse pops her head in to tell Gabi she can't find Nick anywhere while Sami and Lucas walk in on a sweet moment with Sonny vowing to Will, "From now on, we're together."

Nick wanders the park, in a funk.

Sneak peek!

Kristen's torn about hurting Brady on the eve of their wedding.

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