Every Last Fingernail.

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Gabi goes into labor, Kate and Sami argue, and Hope arrives on the island.

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Will is trying to free Nick from the shed when Jensen returns. Will hides. Jensen demands Nick tell him where Gabi went. Nick says she's gone with the guy he saw. Jensen says she's as big as a barn door and isn't going anywhere. He'll also go back to Salem and finish off Rafe. Nick says he's the one he hates. Jensen wonders if Nick told his wife how close they were in Statesville. Nick hollers, "Shut the hell up!" Jensen wonders why he turned on him. Nick says he didn't understand how things worked. Jensen recalls how he beat him and he fell into line; he thought he got the message. "You were my bitch." As Jensen prepares to shoot Nick, Will hits him with a wrench.

In the trees, Gabi tells Sonny the baby's coming. Sonny decides to try to find somewhere safe for them until the ferry comes. They take shelter and Gabi is panicky. Sonny tries to help, telling her to breathe. Gabi worries about Will and Nick. Sonny reassures her. Soon Gabi thinks it's time to push.

Abby greets Daniel and Parker at the Kiriakis house. Abby mentions JJ and Daniel asks if she thinks JJ's happy. Abby says she thinks it's very difficult for JJ knowing that Jack will never walk through the door again. Daniel thinks he's lucky she and Jenn are so supportive.

At home, Jennifer asks JJ if she can return Daniel's MP3 player to him. JJ flashes to telling Daniel it broke and says he already did. He mentions it wasn't working anyway. JJ tells Jennifer he's taking off. Jenn demands to know where he's going. They bicker. Jenn says he's not going anywhere and pleads with him to talk to her. Daniel and Abby enter. Jenn tells Daniel they'll fix his MP3 player. JJ admits he smashed it, by accident, and there's something else. Parker's train set is toast too. Jenn tells him to get a job to replace what he's broken. JJ apologizes to Daniel. He and Abby leave for a walk. Jenn tells Daniel she blames herself for JJ's bad behavior. She insists he'll see a change once she helps him walk through this.

In bed at the DiMera mansion, Sami asks EJ again who he was speaking to on the phone. He refuses to tell her. She asks why she's even wearing his ring then. EJ says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and the children. Sami says he drives her mental. EJ wouldn't do anything to hurt or disappoint her. They kiss.

Outside the pub, Kate and Justin discuss Rafe. She thinks that a member of the DiMera clan will get away with a crime again. They talk about EJ perhaps trying to ensure Rafe never puts him behind bars by doing this. Later, Justin runs into EJ, who winds up defending himself. He says he had nothing to do with Rafe's attack and doesn't believe Stefano did either. Justin gives him permission to reveal it was him on the phone, but EJ says no one needs to know. Nothing will stop him from taking Stefano down. EJ gives Justin three envelopes; the last three nails in his father's coffin.

At the church, Hope tells Vargas she needs to find Nick and Gabi. Vargas doesn't know how to help. Hope says, "This is on me." She should have been a better mother and she would have known the bastard was out before he could hurt anyone.

Sami looks for Will at the cafe. Kate's there and is expecting him to meet her. They get to arguing about Rafe. Sami thinks Rafe dumped her and she was trying to hang on with every last fingernail. Kate asks if she thinks she hired someone to attack him. "You're insane." Kate slaps Sami.

Hope and her officers arrive on the island and start searching with flashlights. Still in the shed, Gabi tells Sonny she is really scared. "She's coming!" In the other shed, Will fights Jensen while the gun lies on the floor. They both grab for it. A shot rings out. Will falls to the floor. Nick yells out. Hope bursts in and shoots Jensen. Meanwhile, Gabi gives birth but panics when the baby doesn't cry.

In the square, Abby suggests JJ give Daniel a chance. JJ resents that Daniel was in the picture before Jack died. Abby snaps at him. He says he misses Dad. Abby does too. She talks about her guilt because he died saving her, and tells him it gets better. JJ spots a long-haired teen and joins him.

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Will's life hangs in the balance.

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