You Disgust Me!

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

John learns Kristen is reconsidering marrying his son, a mystery man appears outside of Rafe's hospital room, and Gabi makes an accusation.

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At the mansion, Kristen warns Brady she'll never turn her back on her family. If he can't handle that, they should call the wedding off! Brady thinks it's extreme but Kristen calls him 'too good'. Marrying her is going to hurt him. She flashes to her master plan and yells that she's giving him an out. Maggie arrives with a wedding present. Kristen leaves. Brady tells Maggie Kristen has cold feet and blames John.

JJ finds Jenn kissing Daniel at home. "You sure are around here a lot, aren't you?" he asks. Jennifer agrees. JJ tells Jenn he registered for summer school. He leaves the room and Jenn explains that JJ's been kicked out of boarding school. Daniel knows from experience that boys act out when they're in mourning. Jenn gives him a CD for Parker and Daniel goes to extremes to tell her he's going to load it to his MP3 player - the one that was engraved and from his daughter. JJ returns to eavesdrop. He asks to borrow an MP3 player and Daniel hands his over. The men leave and Maggie arrives. They discuss Jenn's hopes that JJ and Daniel will eventually get along.

At the hospital, Sami and Lucas learn Rafe's in a medically induced coma. Sami cries, "We can't lose him." Her kids love Rafe so much. "Your kids?" Sami concedes that she loves Rafe too, even though she can't get along with him or live with him. She tells him about Kate's visit to the mansion and cringes as she says Kate and Rafe were lovers. Lucas blames this on EJ but Sami believes in EJ's innocence. Gabi walks up and overhears. Sami hugs her and comforts her. The police will find the culprit.

At the square, a mystery man reads about Rafe in the news.

Hope looks upset at SPD when she opens an envelope containing Rafe's badge. Kate arrives to go over her statement. Hope reminds her DiMera men have a way of dealing with romantic rivals and she thinks Stefano knew she and Rafe were an item and dealt with it. Kate assures her Stefano wasn't aware until after the attack. Hope isn't convinced. Did Rafe mention any threats? Kate admits they didn't talk much. Hope makes a snide comment and Kate says Rafe was her friend. "Cut me some freaking slack." Hope's apologetic. Both women agree on one thing. They'd like five minutes alone with the assailant with a baseball bat. Hope knows there is something they're not seeing. Later, Sami arrives and Hope asks for her and EJ's alibi. Sami says they were with Johnny. He was just saying that he misses Rafe. Hope thinks EJ overheard this and decided to take action. Sami denies it. Hope thinks she's protesting too much. Gabi walks in - she thinks EJ did it. He took a call while he was with her, asking if someone 'got it done'.

Outside the pub, Marlena's shaken up when John suggests she file divorce papers. After all they've been through, Marlena's surprised he wants to end things. She blames Kristen's return but John thinks Marlena deserves better. She slaps him across the face and tells him he disgusts her. She walks off in tears. He follows her to the park and she cries. She understands why he can't forgive her. He moves to touch her face and is about to say something when Kristen comes upon them. Marlena leaves them alone and Kristen asks if there's trouble in paradise - again. John tells her they're divorcing. Kristen shrugs and leaves. Brady turns up. They bicker about Kristen and John takes off. Kristen passes by and Brady apologizes for automatically blaming her brother and father. He asks her to take his name once they marry and proposes once again. She needs time to think. Brady leaves and John wanders over. Is she really not marrying his son?

Lucas meets Kate at the cafe. He jokes about her relationship with Rafe and asks if she did a Google search on least appropriate partners. Kate rolls her eyes. He thinks EJ is the one who hurt Rafe. Kate doesn't think EJ would push Sami into Rafe's arms that way. If EJ's involved, Sami would have to live with knowing EJ killed the man she loves.

The mystery man from the square walks into the hospital with flowers. Gabi doesn't notice him on her way out.

JJ heads to the hospital to return Daniel's MP3 player - he dropped it and a truck rolled over it. "Bummer," JJ says. Daniel repeats him but looks as though he thinks it was deliberate.

Brady comes upon Marlena almost in tears in the square.

Sneak peek!

Gabi and Hope challenge Sami’s loyalty to EJ.

Sami asks EJ if he is behind Rafe's beating.

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