Is It Done?

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Rafe's taken to the hospital, Will and Sonny blame Nick, and Kate thinks Stefano's behind the beating.

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On his way to the pub, Rafe's beaten with a baseball bat by a man in a blue shirt and black pants. He falls to the ground and his attacker kicks him and beats on him. Rafe coughs up blood and the man takes the muffin bag meant for Gabi with him.

Hope works at SPD and doesn't spot the prisoner release notice in her bookcase.

Will and Sonny are happy to see JJ at the cafe. JJ's happy to hear they're an item. They wish their cousin Nick felt the same. Abby makes a call nearby and Hope shows up and drags JJ out to chat while Will and Sonny wonder if Rafe had a chance to tell Gabi the truth yet.

From the hospital, Cam hangs up from making a date with Abby. Kayla and Maxine congratulate him on a job well done and offer him a resident liaison position. It's unexpected and he's honored. He says he quit stripping. Kayla laughs - poor Caroline.

At the mansion, Sami confronts Stefano about not destroying the evidence against Will. Stefano yells at her for trying to intercept Bernardi. He knows what happens when she marries a man and isn't taking any chances. He hands her the pawn. "This is you," he says. "The hell it is," she mutters.

At the pub, Kate is sure Sami will put her gun to good use. EJ says violence seldom solves anything, making Kate laugh. Nearby, Gabi wonders where Rafe and Nick are. Kate tells EJ she gave Sami the gun to use once she figures out she's not needed in the family anymore. Gabi interrupts. Rafe's on his way. Kate leaves and EJ makes small talk with Gabi. He takes a call and asks, "Is it done?" He tells Gabi Rafe must have been detained and he has to go.

Kayla finds Abe in the square. They discuss Cameron's new position and reminisce over Lexi.

Kate finds Rafe unconscious outside of Carter's in the alley. She calls 911 and bawls, "If anything happens to you, I don't know what I'll do." Sirens are heard.

Back at the cafe, Hope decides to have a party to celebrate JJ's homecoming. She takes a call from the station and goes. Everyone else takes off in separate directions.

Will and Sonny find Gabi worried at the pub over Nick and Rafe being late. Nick wanders in sweaty and out of breath, wearing a blue shirt and black pants. He gives her the muffin bag. She comments that Rafe was going to bring her muffins. Will and Sonny shoot each other a look.

Rafe's wheeled into the hospital with Kate following. Hope walks in. She apologizes on her cell that she can't pick up Ciara tonight. Kate begs Maxine to tell her what's happening. Hope is shocked to hear Rafe was the officer beaten. Inside the ER, Kayla works on Rafe. He has a deep concussion, broken ribs, and a punctured lung.

EJ returns home and finds Sami in a mood because of what went down between her and Stefano. EJ's angry she confronted his father. They discuss Nick and EJ tells her Nick won't be a problem for much longer. She questions him but he asks her to trust him. She wants to move out. EJ instead asks her to apologize to Stefano. Sami's shocked but agrees to it and does so when he returns to the room.

Back at the pub, Gabi takes a call from Hope, who tells her about the attack. Gabi starts to cry and Nick, Will, and Sonny rush to the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Kate gives Hope a statement. Hope thinks Kate should go home but she won't. Kayla comes out and tells them they're worried about internal bleeding and the fluid build-up on his brain. Kate's in tears. She wants to see him. She isn't able to, so she takes off. Gabi, Nick, Sonny, and Will arrive and Gabi sobs when Hope updates her. Gabi goes to sit with Rafe and Nick heads to "take care of something." Will and Sonny follow him. In Rafe's room, Gabi bawls and gives him the Saint Christopher's medal that he gave her. Elsewhere, Will asks Nick why he doesn't appear upset over Rafe. Nick has had it with Will and "Fancy Pants' boyfriend." They wonder if he was the one who beat up Rafe. Meanwhile, in his room, Rafe flatlines. Cameron tries bringing him back.

In the square, Abigail demands to know why JJ really got kicked out of school. JJ doesn't say much but watches two guys checking Abby out. She says they're scum, and leaves him to wander over to them.

Hope and Abe look at the crime scene. They find Johnny's FBI jacket.

Kate brushes past Harold into the DiMera mansion and yells at Stefano for having Rafe beaten after learning she and Rafe were lovers. He's astounded and Sami looks shocked.

Sneak peek!

While some speculate Nick's behind Rafe's attack, Hope thinks it was EJ.

Chad asks if there's a chance with him and Abigail.

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