Gargoyle Of A Husband.

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Someone's attacked, Nicole and Eric share a moment, and Will questions Kate.

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From home, Stefano makes an urgent call to someone. Later, Sami arrives, ready to confront him for keeping the evidence against Will. EJ stops her. She flies off the handle about the whole mess and Johnny hears. He yells at them to stop fighting. They insist it's just a disagreement. EJ goes to get Johnny a snack and Sami asks Johnny if he likes living there. EJ returns and his face falls when Johnny says, "Sure, but I liked it better when we lived with Rafe." He misses Rafe. She tells him Rafe loves him and misses him. Johnny says Daddy's the best. Can they move into Rafe's with Daddy and Rafe? Sami chuckles. EJ brings out a snack from Chef Andrew. Johnny and Sami go to the kitchen to devour it.

In the rectory office, Nicole is plagued with sexual fantasies about Eric. She begs God to help her stop lusting after His priest. Eric comes along and helps her pick things up and admits she was right. John's going to try something at the wedding. He's thankful she gave him the heads up. He takes her hand and thanks her. He's glad she's there. Her lower lip trembles. "Me too." Eric starts rubbing his neck. He thinks she's ready to move on but she corrects him. She's not going anywhere.

In the cafe, Sonny's glad Will told Rafe about Nick being a bigot. Kate arrives and shows them a gift for the baby - little booties. Will asks why she broke up with Rafe. She doesn't want to talk about it. They've never seen her so happy as she was with Rafe. She tells them she's happy with life. "I'm not fettered from my gargoyle of a husband." The guys insist that when you're in love, it's harder to hide than you think. Kate sighs. Will says Rafe too has never been so happy since... Kate finishes for him. "Since he was with Sami?" She calls them the happiest couple in all of Salem and leaves. Outside, she considers calling Rafe.

Vargas bumps into Hope in the square. He tells her how well things are going and he heard Nick Fallon's doing so well, too. He thanks Hope for all she has done for him. She offers to get him in touch with Nick. He declines and she leaves. Over in the park, Rafe tells Nick he knows who he is now and Gabi's better off leaving him. He wants to know what Nick did to get Will to sign over his rights to the baby. Nick tries to get a word in but Rafe blasts onward and recounts Nick's past misdeeds. Nick assures Rafe he's not that guy anymore. Rafe receives a call from Hope and they agree to meet at the station.

At the pub, Caroline forgets that Gabi's not living upstairs anymore until Gabi reminds her. Caroline apologizes and is thankful she has her Alzheimer's support group.

Rafe and Hope look over a file together at work. Hope's upset that she's late picking Ciara up from her friend's. She's a terrible mother. Rafe says that just isn't true. Things will get better once Bo returns home. They talk about Rafe becoming an uncle any day now. He's excited but she can tell something is wrong. He blows her off and she almost sees the prisoner release notice in the bookcase. Bernardi arrives. The FBI jacket Rafe ordered is in. Rafe explains it's for Johnny. He calls EJ and asks to meet him at the pub so EJ can take it home with him. After they hang up, Rafe bashes Sami a little and Hope tells him nobody deserves a DiMera. He agrees she's right. He calls Gabi, telling her he's bringing by a midnight snack from Martha's Bakery. He makes sure she knows he'd do anything for her.

In the square, Nick chats with Gabi before taking a call from Vargas. He tells him about his conversation with Hope and then puts on the pressure for Nick to get his money tripled. Annoyed, Nick looks at his phone and yells, "I am on it!"

Nick heads into the cafe and freaks out on Will for spouting off to Rafe. Will and Sonny call him out on being a homophobe and blackmailing Will. Nick doesn't want to hear it and runs off to talk to Gabi before Rafe does.

EJ texts Sami a note at the mansion and leaves. Once outside, he calls someone. He has a job for them. Now. Inside, Sami talks chess with Stefano and confronts him about Will.

Vargas interrupts Nicole and Eric at the rectory. Eric leaves the room and Vargas says he'll be out of her hair soon. She wonders what he's up to. Eric returns and Vargas steps out and Nicole and Eric share another moment.

Kate drops by the cafe to see how Gabi's fairing and gives her the gift. Gabi's thrilled. They bond a little and EJ strolls in to thank Kate for the wonderful gift she gave Sami.

As Rafe's walking to the pub, some man in a blue shirt and black pants bashes Rafe's head with a baseball bat.

Sneak peek!

After Rafe's brutally attacked, he's left for dead.

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