Dealing Drugs.

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Jennifer learns why JJ's home so early, Brady almost catches John and Kristen, and Rafe learns the truth.

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Kristen's about to let John out of the secret room when he makes a move on her. They appear close to kissing when Brady pounds on the door asking why it's locked. John hides and Kristen opens the door, claiming she didn't want him to see her wedding trousseau before the big day. He hears a noise and she shrugs it off to rats in the walls. She'll take care of it. Brady leaves and Kristen tells John they're adopting. She leaves and John snags Kristen's pearls before letting himself out. Upstairs, she tells Brady she was finally able to let go of John forever.

At the rectory, Eric asks Marlena how things are going with John. Marlena realizes Nicole told him about the run-in with John and Roman at the pub. Marlena weeps as she explains her marriage may be over. Eric wishes he could help and takes her for a walk, hoping they'll come up with something.

Abby arrives at the cafe and tells Cameron JJ returned home before exams. She thinks something is up. Cameron has news. He got a new job as a custodian part-time. Abby expresses her desire to have sex with him but he thought she wanted to wait for marriage. He tells her they'll know when the time is right.

JJ answers Jenn's door to Daniel, who is surprised to see him. JJ forgets his manners and doesn't let Daniel in. It's awkward and JJ's territorial. Daniel finally gets inside and finds Jenn looking distant. She needs to speak with JJ in private, so Daniel leaves. She yells at JJ for being expelled from school for dealing drugs. JJ swears his roommate was selling pot but he didn't know about it and couldn't prove it since it was found in their dorm room. Jenn softens and wonders why he felt the need to deal with it on his own. He was afraid she wouldn't believe him. She does believe him and wants to go to his headmaster with the truth. JJ agrees to it and feels a weight lifted.

Nick jumps Sami at the park and drags her off to an alley, demanding his money. They grapple and Sami kicks him between the legs. Nick yells and goes down and Sami grabs the gun from her purse and threatens him with it. Nick just wants his money and takes out his cell phone, saying she'll do exactly what he wants. He plays Will's confession to shooting EJ. He's a computer geek. Did Sami think that the copy she stole of the confession on his thumb drive was the only one? If anything happens to him, everyone will hear Will's confession. Sami accuses him of bluffing but can't take the chance, so she hands over the money. He runs off to make a call in order to triple Vargas' money.

Rafe meets Will at the pub and puts on the pressure for Will to tell him the real reason Nick doesn't want him to be a part of the baby's life. Will hems and haws.

John watches Marlena and Eric at the square. When Marlena spots him she can't deal with it and takes off, leaving Eric to get in John's face. He thinks of John as family but asks that John resist the urge to do something everyone will regret.

Daniel pops into the cafe and mentions meeting JJ to Cam and Abby. She asks for his first impressions but Dan says he didn't stay long because Jenn needed to discuss something with JJ. He hopes everything is alright...

Back at the pub, Will asks Rafe not to get Gabi involved, but admits Nick doesn't want him involved in the baby's life because he's gay. Rafe's shocked and angry. When Marlena arrives, Rafe rushes out, making the shrink wonder if everything is alright. Will isn't sure but doesn't want to discuss it. He asks how she is. She's upset but won't say why. He knows it's about John and gives her a bear hug.

At Jenn's, Abby introduces Cam to JJ. Jenn leaves the room to call Daniel while the guys bond over going to the same school. Cameron's paged and goes off to make a call while Abby grills her brother about his early return home. She gets nowhere.

Rafe finds Nick at the park. He now knows who Nick really is...

Sneak peek!

Nicole has sexual fantasies of Eric.

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