Epic, Epic Fail.

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Sami's plan fails, JJ returns, and John and Kristen talk.

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Jennifer arrives at home and JJ's there. She asks why he's not at school. JJ says he had take home essays and asks what's been going on with her. She's about to tell him when Abby appears. Jenn goes upstairs. Abby doesn't buy JJ's story about take home exams and asks what's really going on. He wants a one day reprieve. She grants it. They discuss Cameron. Abby says Mom is happy with Daniel too. Jenn reappears - she wants to talk to JJ alone. She's been in touch with the school and confronts him, but then has to take a call.

Will gives Gabi gifts for the baby at the Kiriakis mansion. They talk about the birth getting closer. She says she won't let Nick keep him away. Will asks if she's happy with Nick. She says for the most part - Nick's stressed at work.

Outside the pub, Sami asks Bernardi for the evidence. He plays dumb. She grabs at his backpack. He tells her she's nuts. Sami chases him to the park. He tries to call Stefano, but she grabs his cellphone. He warns her about messing with the DiMeras. She offers him money, and then attacks him. The money falls on the ground and he takes off with the backpack.

Brady's at the DiMera mansion asking EJ where Kristen could be - her car's in the driveway. EJ says he seems more unhinged than usual and is no help.

John appears in the secret room and tells Kristen they should finish what they started. She asks how he got in. He says everyone has a price. She wants him to leave, and goes on about wanting to be free of strings pulling her backward. Kristen says what's happening between them isn't fair to Brady. She opens the box of wedding stuff. "I want my happy ending." She shows him the pearls she would have worn to marry him, and the necklace she'll wear for Brady. John talks about memories. Kristen says she kept Marlena prisoner in that room. John doesn't like that, but admits he wasn't innocent in it all - he should have been honest with Kristen. She sniffs that Marlena's the love of his life. John muses that things change. Kristen asks if he hates her now because of Brady. He says his feelings are complicated.

At the hospital, Maggie tells Daniel that Brady seems to think he can have a couple of drinks with Kristen and it's fine. She disapproves of both and asks Daniel to talk to him. He doesn't think Kristen's the problem.

At the cafe, Vargas asks Nick about his money. Nick flashes to searching for it, and assures him he's trying to build up his capital. Vargas thinks something's up. Nick warns him not to push him. Gabi appears. Vargas goes. Gabi suggests Nick should stay away from Vargas. Nick says he'll do what he can. Gabi tells him about Will looking forward to being a dad. Nick says, "Good for him." Gabi hopes he means it.

Will spots EJ in the pub. They wait together for Sami. Will's nervous about Sami handling things. EJ praises him for allowing her the chance to make things up. Will asks, "Like you're doing with Stefano." EJ talks to Will about Johnny's birth - he was enthralled and then terrified. Will says he became a great dad. EJ says he'll be a fantastic father too. Sami appears. She assures Will things will happen soon. Will says he thinks something's going on with Gabi and Nick. He steps away. Sami fills EJ in on her epic, epic fail. She admits she offered Bernardi Nick's $30,000. EJ cringes. They debate whether he'll tell Stefano. EJ pleads with her to stay out of trouble. She leaves. EJ seals a deal with Justin by phone, and says his father won't know where to look. Nearby, Will's on the phone with Rafe, and tells him to come by.

Daniel finds Brady at the Kiriakis mansion and asks what's going on with him. Brady realizes Maggie pushed him to talk to him. They bicker. Brady hollers that his father has damaged his relationship with Kristen - if he tries again, he'll pay. Harold appears. He tells Brady, when he asks, that he gave Kristen the keys to the wine cellar. Daniel tells Brady he's on his side. Soon after, Brady knocks on the door of the secret room just as John has just stopped Kristen from leaving.

Daniel arrives at Jennifer's door and greets JJ, who snaps, "I know who you are."

In the park, Sami is practicing what she'll say to Stefano when hands grab her and cover her mouth.

Sneak peek!

When Rafe wonders to Will why Nick doesn't want him around the baby, Will admits the truth.

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