Happy Trails.

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Kristen starts to have second thoughts, Ciara misses her dad, and someone cases the Horton home.

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In her office, Kristen's shocked when Brady tells her he started adoption proceedings. She can't go on like this. "You don't deserve this," she cries. He thinks she feels guilty because she can't conceive. He reassures her that he loves her and so many babies out there need parents. Kristen remarks that nobody has loved her like this before.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Ciara stares at the photo of Kristen and Sy and hides it when Justin, Hope, and Adrienne walk in. She mopes about Bo and tells Adrienne he's likely never coming home. Hope assures her that's not true but when Justin takes Ciara for a snack, she overhears Hope admit to Adrienne that she doesn't know when Bo's returning.

Daniel and Jennifer flirt at the hub. She has some time on her hands. Maxine interrupts. His afternoon surgery was cancelled. They decide to run errands separately and meet at his place.

A mysterious person sneaks around Jenn's place looking at photos of the family.

Sami bounds into the great room at the mansion to see EJ. She found out Bernardi's off work in an hour and plans on intercepting him before he hands over the evidence to Stefano. Sami leaves the room and her cell phone rings. EJ goes into her purse to get it but instead finds her gun. She returns and he confronts her. He flies off the handle. Sami explains Kate gave it to her. She kept it after Nick came by. EJ explodes. He wants to take care of Nick but she says it's not even loaded and EJ has to trust that she knows what she's doing. He begs her to be careful and kisses her before she runs. He calls Justin to meet.

John meets some dude in the park. They exchange envelopes. The man's jumpy. He doesn't want to be seen together. John finds a key in his envelope. "Happy trails," he says, and they part ways.

Back in Kristen's office, Brady assumes Kristen isn't over losing her child. Jenn walks in and Brady and Kristen agree to talk at home, later. Jenn offers a shoulder but Kristen claims she's fine. Jenn gives her the necklace Daniel gave her as something borrowed and something blue. Kristen tears up. She shares how much Brady loves her. Jenn thinks Kristen has won. Kristen doesn't want to hurt Brady. She cries about not being a good person and Jenn gives her a pep talk. She thanks Jenn for being a good friend.

Daniel finds Brady looking troubled at Mandalay. He vaguely tells Daniel what happened between Kristen and him and how he blames John. He daydreams that John wants Kristen for himself and grimaces.

Hope stops by SPD with Ciara before a visit to the zoo. Hope sees Sami, who claims she's waiting for Roman. Sami keeps watch for Bernardi, who is in the evidence room stealing the evidence on EJ's shooting. Hope leaves the room and Ciara tells Sami that her dad lied about coming home. Sami's sure something came up and promises that Bo loves her. She runs when she hears Bernardi leaving the office. Later, a cop gives Ciara a prisoner release notice. It's important Hope sees this. He leaves and Ciara hides it in the bookcase so Hope can take her to the zoo. Hope returns and off they go.

EJ and Justin meet at some bar. Justin says he couldn't find a loophole in EJ's plans to take down Stefano, but asks if he's prepared for the consequences. EJ's aware of them but just doesn't care. Justin says he's in.

Daniel and Jennifer jump into Daniel's bed at his place, for a romp. They have fun weeding through Parker's toys to get comfortable. They have sex, eat ice cream, and discuss making time for each other.

Kristen finds Stefano at home. She tells him about the adoption proceedings. Brady's giving her everything she wants. Stefano scoffs. Brady's collateral damage. Kristen's not sure she can go through with this. Stefano asks if she's in love with Brady. She admits, "In a way I am." She asks for the key to the secret room, where Stefano stored her wedding trousseau. He rolls his eyes and tells her to get it from Harold. She heads down to the secret room and flashes to locking Marlena in while upstairs, Brady arrives home searching for her. She finds her wedding veil just as John wanders in.

Dan drops Jenn off at home before heading to the hospital. Her son, JJ's standing inside.

Sami finds Bernardi outside the pub. She introduces herself and says Stefano sent her to collect the evidence he took.

Sneak peek!

In the secret room, John and Kristen nearly kiss.

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