Not The Boss Of Me.

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Daniel lectures Anne, Victor tells Marlena to give up, and someone breaks into Jenn's.

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Daniel greets Maxine at work. Abe asks Daniel to check in on an old friend of his who is having tests in the hospital. Once Abe leaves, Parker strolls in with his nanny.

Jennifer prepares for work while someone cases the joint. She notices her French doors to the garden are open and closes them before going. Later, a mysterious person looks at photos on the mantel.

Eric's startled to find Kristen in his office at the rectory. She wants him at her wedding. He's hesitant. She assumes this is about Marlena and asks if she's been absolved yet. Eric can't be objective about that but encourages confession and repentance. She asks if Marlena confessed to her sins against her. Eric starts getting hot under the collar. She wonders if Roman, Sami, or Eric received an apology from Marlena for ripping their lives apart. He doesn't think his mother owes him one. Kristen throws history in his face until he throws her out. She keeps at him and he yells at her. She likes that he has an edge. He tells her priests are human. He decides not to go to the wedding. She taunts him before she leaves.

Marlena looks in a storefront at the square. She thinks of John. Roman bumps into her and wants to talk. She reluctantly agrees to lunch.

Nicole goes to John at the pub, knowing he has to be angry about Brady marrying Kristen. He crushes his glass after downing it. She flips out. Maybe Kristen has changed? She doesn't know why he's so upset. It's not as if John wants Kristen. Victor heads in and John flashes to sharing his master plan with him and tells Nicole he wants his son's happiness. She asks how he's going to stop the wedding. He's not. Marlena heads in with Roman and all eyes are on them. John accuses them of looking 'close'. She asks if he cares. The men take a walk outside and Victor accuses Marlena of making things worse. He tells her to accept she has lost John and walk away, before things get worse.

Brady concludes business in the park with some woman when EJ comes upon him, asking why he's being so cloak and dagger. Brady ignores the question. They discuss the wedding. EJ's going. Brady knows EJ doesn't approve of his marriage to Kristen. He feels the same about EJami. They agree it's the one thing they have in common.

Jenn arrives at work and greets Dan and Parker. Anne shows up and almost gags watching Jenn kiss Dan. Maxine picks off a leaf from her shirt. "Where were you?" Anne was attending to personal business. She follows Jenn to her office, slams the door behind her and rolls up her sleeves. She gets on Jenn about continuously quitting her job and tells her to stop all the PDAs with Dr. Jonas which is against hospital policy. Jennifer accuses Anne of being obsessed with her and thinks she needs a mental health consult. Daniel interrupts. Jenn heads to a meeting while Daniel sternly warns Anne against bothering Jenn. "You are not the boss of me," she snipes. Daniel knows she was helping Chloe break him and Jenn up. He threatens to tell Mr. Burns if she gives him a reason to. Jenn returns and Anne compliments Jenn before leaving. She heads to the hub where she bitches to Maxine.

From work, Kristen calls Stefano to update him on Eric's refusal to attend the wedding. It's imperative that Brady's family witnesses his downfall. They hang up as Brady enters. He hands over adoption papers. She stammers. He had them fast-tracked. There'll be no questions asked. She's in shock. "Um."

EJ stomps into the mansion. He tells Stefano about his run-in with Brady and asks if Stefano's concerned about Kristen joining the Brady/Kiriakis clan. Stefano shrugs. Why get upset over something that may not even happen. EJ wonders why he'd say that. Stefano means nothing by it.

Nicole rushes to see Eric at the rectory and tells him what went down at the pub. They discuss the wedding. He's not going. Nicole worries something terrible is going to happen.

John and Roman walk the square while John says he knows Roman still cares for Marlena. Roman admits it and can't believe John is throwing this marriage away. Does he care what he's doing to Marlena? "Of course I care," John says. It stops now. He asks Roman to take care of Marlena. She's all his. John leaves and runs into Abe, who asks to go for a beer. He's short with him and then apologizes. He has a lot on his mind.

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Sami intercepts Bernardi and asks for the evidence against Will.

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