Just Like Your Mother.

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Stefano pulls a fast one, Gabi and Nick are back on track, and Adrienne learns of Sami's engagement.

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At some fancy restaurant, Kate dumps Rafe again. He asks her back to his place to talk it out. She refuses and he asks what Stefano did. Kate claims it was getting too serious but he's not buying it. Kate calls him a distraction. He thought she liked his distraction techniques. They agree to be friends. He kisses her hand and they part ways.

Stefano meets Detective Bernardi at the park and as Sami eavesdrops, Stefano shows Bernardi a document and explains he wants the evidence against Will Horton brought to him. Bernardi is reluctant. He'll have to pull some strings. It's in a secure lock-up. He agrees to it and leaves. Sami wonders to herself what Stefano's up to.

At the cafe, Sonny and Will think tomorrow they'll be able to celebrate after the evidence against him is gone. Adrienne pokes her head in wondering what they're celebrating. They cover, Will leaves, and Sonny promises to tell her everything as soon as he can. Will returns and Sami shows up. The guys get coffee and Adrienne asks Sami to bury the hatchet. Sami agrees but as they shake on it, Adrienne spots the engagement ring and drops Sami's hand with contempt. Will and Sonny return and Sonny takes Adrienne aside, asking her to be nice. She thinks Sami's marrying Lord Voldemort. Privately, Sami fills Will in on Stefano's meeting with Bernardi. After Adrienne and Sami leave, Rafe shows up and tells Will he and Kate are over. Will's sorry. Rafe asks what happened with him and Nick. He relays how tense Nick became when Rafe brought up Will's name. Is Sami the real reason he signed his rights away? Will mutters that it was something else. Rafe leaves and Will imagines he and Sonny having a normal life without any blackmail. Sonny thinks Adrianna will be just like Sami. Will laughs, "No!" Sonny loves hearing him laugh. It's been a while. They hold hands and kiss.

In her room, Gabi's almost in tears when she tells Nick he's been acting crazy for a while. If he doesn't explain, she's leaving. Nick flashes to looking for Vargas' money and says he lost a flash drive for work but found it. Gabi doesn't like being shut out. He vows to tell her everything over lunch.

In Justin's office, EJ asks for help in bringing about the total destruction of Stefano. Justin throws his head back in laughter for a few minutes. EJ's serious. His target date's for mid-summer. Justin asks for an explanation. EJ has never and will never forgive Stefano for disowning him. Justin agrees to consider it and warns EJ, hoping he knows what he's in for. EJ thinks Stefano's distracted and won't see it coming. Later, he makes plans for dinner with Adrienne over the phone, reviews EJ's files and thinks EJ may pull it off.

From the square, Nick calls Sami. He asks her to return the money but she tells him off and hangs up on him. Later, he and Gabi have ice cream. He stares at her. No matter what happens, he tells her he'll always cherish what they've had together. This bothers her. Why would he say this? He shakes his head and shrugs. He thought he was being poetic, telling her how much she means to him but it came out wrong. Nearby, Rafe peruses the shops. He sees some of Kate's products and flashes to making love.

Justin arrives home. Adrienne wants to watch "The Voice" and eat pizza with him in bed. His mind is on EJ's case but he likes her idea better. They kiss. Gabi and Nick return to their room upstairs. Nick gets a text from Vargas putting the pressure on about his money. Downstairs, Adrienne goes on about Sami's engagement to EJ. Justin's distracted and she wonders if he's apprehensive or excited about his new case. He's not sure.

Sami arrives home. EJ thinks she looks as though she could use a drink. She'd rather have a kiss, so he complies. They go upstairs to make love. Later, Stefano gets a call from Kate, telling him that whatever he thought he knew about her relationship is over. Stefano breaks up in laughter. "Dio Katerina, what makes you think I even care?" Upstairs, EJ comments on how "enthusiastic" Sami was in bed. She tells him about eavesdropping and they wonder if Stefano wants to keep the evidence so he'll have power over them.

From outside the pub, Kate flashes to making love with Rafe and is sorry. She had to do it but we sure were good."

Sneak peek!

JJ arrives in Salem.

Brady wants to adopt a child.

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