Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Cameron makes a sacrifice, Nick goes off on Sami, and EJ and Rafe have words.

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In her office, Sami's shocked when Kate offers her a gun as a wedding gift. It may come in handy. Sami asks where Kate's sense of romance went. Kate thinks Sami needs protection, and worries for Allie. Sami brushes Kate's concerns aside and tries unsuccessfully to return the gun.

From the restaurant, Abigail teases Cameron that she's starving for dessert, which sounds like a euphemism for sex. They eat and chat and when Cameron receives a call and turns down dancing at the club tonight, Abby becomes distant. Embarrassed, she admits she's insecure about women throwing themselves at him. He gets it but is only into her. He calls the club and quits his job. Abby worries but Cameron only cares about her feelings. They make their own dessert from a list of ingredients they have Chef Mark bring to the table. They compliment him on his food.

Outside the cafe, Brady confirms by cell phone that Daniel will be his best man.

At the rectory, Nicole warns Eric that Vargas is taking advantage of him. She flashes to Vargas threatening to tell Eric her feelings for him. She almost tells him how she feels when Brady interrupts. Eric has confession so he and Brady decide to meet later. Eric leaves and Nicole sincerely congratulates Brady on his engagement. Brady thinks Nicole wants something. She asks him to privately check into Vargas' background. Vargas overhears from the hall. Once Brady's gone, Vargas heads in, slamming the door behind him. Nicole realizes he eavesdropped. She backs away, scared. He forces her to call off the investigation.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nick ransacks his room when he can't find Vargas' money. He concludes that it's been stolen. Someone's going to pay. Gabi arrives home to Maggie, where Nick later finds them. Maggie tells them Sami, Lucas and Allie were there today. Nick's wheels start spinning and he takes off.

At the square, Rafe accuses EJ of being insecure. EJ scoffs. Rafe is done with Sami. EJ doesn't believe him. He knows Rafe and Sami will always have a connection. When will Johnny get his FBI jacket? EJ says the kids love Rafe and asks him not to punish them to get back at Samantha. Rafe won't. EJ asks him not to talk crap about him to Johnny but Rafe is sure Johnny's capable of seeing right through EJ himself. EJ loves Johnny. "You love all your possessions," Rafe quips. EJ agrees that neither of them cares about the other so then why won't Rafe admit he's disappointed that Sami and EJ are engaged? Rafe rolls his eyes. He offers to let a friend marry them tonight.

Sami stuffs Vargas' money into her purse at work just before Nick enters the room. "Surprise," he deadpans, and asks where 'it' is. Sami feigns confusion but Nick knows she broke into his room with Sonny. Frightened, Sami slowly goes for her gun. Nick tries to grab Sami's purse and EJ finds them struggling. He grabs Nick and throws him out. EJ hugs her and she calms down. He leaves and she takes out Kate's gun.

Kate runs into Stefano at the park. She asks if Cecily came to her senses and dumped him yet. Cecily's returning soon, Stefano tells her and asks where her man is. Nothing gets by him...

At the mansion, Rafe tells Gabi he saw Nick today... Gabi doesn't want to hear it. Rafe brings up Nick looking tense when he brought up Will's name. Gabi thinks Rafe's issue with Nick will be fine once the baby's born. Rafe wonders if Nick's not giving her the whole story on Will. Gabi's saved from answering when Maggie brings them tea. Later, Gabi goes to her room and finds it in a shambles. Nick turns up later and Gabi's packing. He'd better tell her what's going on or she's leaving!

Brady meets Eric at the pub. He asks Eric to attend his wedding. Eric will consider it. He hasn't forgotten how kind Kristen was to Nicole. They bond over being closer than they were a month ago. Eric goes to see Caroline and Brady takes a call from Nicole, who calls off the favor. Later, he tells Eric he has had quite the effect on Nicole.

Abby and Cameron make-out at her door after their date before he goes home.

Back at the rectory, Vargas teases Nicole about her love for Eric. Nicole promises to bring Vargas down if he hurts Eric.

Kate meets Rafe at some restaurant to dump him - again.

Sami watches as some man wanders the square near Stefano. She follows them.

EJ sits in some office, asking for help in the destruction of Stefano DiMera.

Sneak peek!

Rafe asks Will about Nick's motives.

Nick feels the walls closing in.

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