She Is A Real Wildcat.

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Kate has a gift for Sami, Rafe taunts EJ, and Nicole warns Eric.

Kate buys a gun at some gun shop.

At the hospital, Abigail thanks Dan for his help with saving Cameron's job. She leaves and Dan says tonight they're heading to a restaurant her favorite chef is opening. Abby bumps into Cameron, who asks her out on a date to the pub. He knows it's not the most exciting date ever. Smiling, Maxine watches them kiss. Later, Cam gets a call. His credit is horrid. Sadly, he tells Maxine he has to cancel his date.

Abe and Eric take a meeting about the prison outreach program. Eric flashes to finding Vargas on top of Nicole and is vague about how Vargas is doing. Abe guesses it's got to do with Nicole. They agree to meet at the rectory later.

From the rectory, Nicole eavesdrops as Vargas calls Nick to put a rush on him tripling his money. They hang up and Nicole asks what kind of con he has going on. He accuses her of wanting to cause trouble. She plans on bringing Eric up to speed but Vargas warns that if she does, he'll tell Father Eric how she feels about him. Nicole sneers. Just then, Eric walks in. They promise to be professional from now on. Frowning, Eric tells them the subject [of their romp] is closed. When he's gone, Nicole tells Eric Vargas was a mistake. Later, she overhears Abe telling Eric that the success of the project lies with Vargas. When Abe leaves, Nicole tells Eric not to trust Vargas.

In Sami's office, EJ asks her where the thirty-thousand dollars came from. She eventually admits she stole it from Nick. EJ isn't happy. When Nick learns the cash is missing, he'll go nuts. She advises returning it but he calls it too risky. He suggests taking it to the bank to change it into one dollar bills so she can use them at the strip clubs. She tells him that was for a noble cause. He appreciates she went to Cam's rescue but can tell she kept it from him since Rafe was the star of the show. Sami thinks he is jealous but she only has eyes for him. Grinning, he says if he was jealous, she'd know. She tells him Rafe knows about their upcoming marriage. She flirts and kisses EJ, saying she didn't notice Rafe's reaction.

At home, Nick gets a call from Rafe. They agree to meet at the Coffee Bean.

Nick meets Rafe at the cafe, where Rafe explains his concern for Gabi, who is upset with Nick. Nick's puzzled. He's doing all he can to protect her. Rafe questions this and why he doesn't want Will to be with his own child. Nick almost calls Will a name but stops himself but says Will's not a good person. Rafe smirks. That's untrue. Nick twists the truth about Will and leaves when Kate walks in. Rafe fills Kate in. He leaves for work and Kate calls Sami to meet.

From home, Jenn and Abby prepare for their dates and over the phone, Jenn gushes to Daniel about how excited Abby is about her date tonight.

Back at the office, Sami thanks EJ for not lecturing her much about stealing and the strip club incident. He dances his way out the door. Kate shows up to offer her condolences... she means congratulations. They bicker and Kate reminds her of the Sydnapping and when Sami shot EJ in the head. Sami rolls her eyes and assumes she has nobody in her own life. Kate sets her straight, though isn't clear on who she's dating. Kate hands over her present. The gun!

Back at the hospital, Maxine stops Daniel. There are things he should know...

Cam shows up outside Abby's door, trying to think up reasons to cancel their date. She comes to the door and Daniel runs in insisting they cancel their reservations. He gives away his and Jenn's tickets for dinner, leaving Cameron visibly relieved. Abby and Cam leave and Daniel explains his generosity. They order in pizza for themselves and Parker.

EJ bumps into Rafe in the square and teases him about performing. Rafe taunts him about Sami shouting the loudest. She was a wildcat! EJ's smile freezes on his face. He thanks Rafe for helping Cameron and wants to discuss Samantha.

At the restaurant, Chef Mark tells Abby and Cameron what kind of meal they're in for this evening. Abby feeds Cameron bread and talks about coming up with a 'special dessert'.

From home, Nick's on the phone discussing investments. Once he hangs up, he realizes Vargas' money is gone.

Sneak peek!

Gabi threatens to leave Nick...

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