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Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Both Kristen and John share their master plans with a confidant, while Sami and Sonny steal from Nick.

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In EJ's office, Will says Gabi's spending the day at the spa. He's worried about everyone putting everything on the line to solve his problem. EJ assuages his concerns but Will also wonders what Stefano will want in return for his help. EJ promises he'll deal with Stefano.

Nick arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and Adrienne tries to distract him but he heads into his room where Sonny and Sami are hiding. He puts Vargas' money away. Sonny texts him to meet at the cafe and Nick runs off. Sonny runs to meet Nick while Sami grabs all of Nick's thumb drives and steals Vargas' cash. Downstairs, Adrienne stalls Nick. After he goes, Sami rushes down the stairs and refuses to tell Adrienne why she's helping them break into Nick's room. They snipe at each other before Sami leaves.

Victor eavesdrops at the cafe as Marlena asks John about his fight with Roman. He's glad she's there. He hands over her storage key. She can't believe that's why he was glad to see her and starts in on him but he doesn't have to answer to her anymore. She's tired of being treated like this so he tells her to go see Roman then. She leaves and he throws his bag down in anger. Victor calls him over.

At the square, Kristen is about to open the envelope Ciara gave her when Hope interrupts and takes Ciara away to discuss the issue with her teacher. Kristen identifies with Ciara missing her father. Brady can tell she loves kids. She says it's not in the cards. They part ways and she mutters how she won't let him stop her.

Sonny slips into the cafe just before Nick arrives. Sonny makes something up about Will needing reassurance he'll be able to see the baby-to-be. Nick rolls his eyes - this is up to Gabi. Sonny doesn't like Nick's attitude. Nick doesn't even know why he's there and when Gabi calls, he makes plans to meet her at the spa and then tells Sonny he only cares about Gabi and "our baby." He leaves and Sonny sneers, "It's not your baby, you SOB."

At the pub, Hope's baffled when Ciara throws a fit after she realizes she gave Kristen the wrong envelope. Hope tries to get her to open up, knowing that she's been neglecting her friends and school work. Ciara just wants to draw. Marlena shows up and Hope looks for advice. Brady walks in and hears Marlena's attempt to find out why Ciara's so enthused by Kristen. She gets nowhere and Brady leaves to make a call. Ciara goes off while Marlena tells her friend John's shutting her down for good. She's starting to feel like it's over.

Victor takes John back to the mansion and demands to know what's going on with him, Marlena, and Kristen. John reluctantly makes him swear on Isabella's grave that what he's about to say stays with him. He knows that Kristen still wants him. John plans on Brady finding them in bed making love. Victor finds it revolting and they agree he'll lose his son and wife.

Sami charges into EJ's office and gives Will and EJ a thumb drive. They search for Will's confession. EJ finds a folder with information about the fall line for CW. He privately copies it. Sonny arrives and they find Will's admission. They cheer and Sonny rushes home. Will leaves to throw the confession into the river. EJ tells Sami Will is home free, and they kiss. Suddenly, Vargas' money falls from her purse.

Kristen heads into the DiMera mansion to tell Stefano that she cares about Brady but not half as much as she hates John. After everything is said and done she can move on. She plans to convince John she wants him. She knows it's twisted but it's the only way. She'll ensure Brady finds her in bed with John. Stefano doesn't like it. Does it have to go that far? Brady will never forgive her. She calls it collateral damage.

Sonny returns to the Kiriakis mansion and returns the thumb drives while Adrienne covers the door. When Nick arrives, Adrienne's unable to stall him. When Nick goes up to his room, Sonny has hidden in a room nearby. Nick starts planning on ways to triple Vargas' money.

Sonny finds Will waiting at the cafe. They fill each other in on the last few minutes and Will feels bad that lately they've lost each other due to Will's problems. They vow to fix it.

Brady meets a woman in the park. He promises to make this worth her while. He doesn't care what it takes.

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Nick is shocked to find Vargas' money missing.

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