Seed Money.

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Kristen gives Ciara advice, Stefano agrees to help Will, and Sonny and Sami go snooping.

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At the DiMera mansion, Stefano wonders if all this talk about Will being blackmailed by Nick is Sami's way of asking him for a favor. She stalls. Stefano assumes Sami wants him to make the evidence disappear. He'll do it and his only stipulation is that Will must work on his chess game.

Vargas meets a man at the square who hands over an envelope full of money.

At the Kiriakis mansion in their room, Gabi ruminates about Nick's inability to make things work with Will. Nick reassures her he'll try. Vargas calls him for a meeting.

At school, Ciara's teacher calls her out for looking at "private stuff" in lieu of doing school work.

Brady and Kristen dress after sex in her office. He apologizes for acting like a caveman. She brushes it off. He leaves the room to take a call and she vows that nothing will stop her from getting what she wants. Later, Brady wonders what John wants but Kristen prefers to think about the future.

In the park, John now knows he can stop Kristen from destroying Brady. Roman walks up and starts in on him but John storms away. Later, Vargas arrives. Nick's late for their meeting and is reminded that he'd be dead right now if it wasn't for Vargas. That comes with a price. Vargas hands over thirty grand and asks Nick to think of it as "seed money" and himself as the "farmer who will make it grow."

Lucas meets Sonny at the pub. They discuss the plan to search Nick's room. Adrienne calls. Nick and Gabi are home, so the plan is delayed. Lucas and Sonny bond when Sonny vows to do anything for Will. Adrienne calls back - Nick left. Lucas calls Sami to update her.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Will runs to get Gabi out of the Kiriakis mansion while Sami goes to snoop. EJ tells Stefano's portrait that with his schedule, he should be kept quite busy for the foreseeable future. He makes a cryptic call, demanding that money be deposited in a specific account.

Roman follows John into the cafe and comes down on him for not treating Marlena right. John asks if he's planning on making a move on Marlena. Roman leaves, disgusted.

At the square, Kristen and Brady talk about Daniel and Jenn standing up for them at the wedding. So far only Maggie, Victor and Eric are attending. Brady runs to the cafe to get them drinks while Ciara introduces herself to Kristen and blames her for getting in trouble at school. Kristen offers to write her teacher a note to take the blame and Ciara starts talking about missing her daddy.

From the pub, Will calls Gabi and asks her to meet him. She arrives later and they make small talk. Gabi says the baby kicked earlier, and Will feels a little left out. He reminds her he's there whenever she needs him. She thought he was going to pressure her to give him access to the baby and says she made it clear to Nick that she'll only be happy if Will's a part of Arianna's life.

Sami, Lucas, and Allie visit Maggie at the mansion. Sami and Lucas use Allie, telling Maggie she has a botany project, so Maggie, Lucas, and Allie head to the garden for research while Sami runs into Sonny on her way to search for Nick's room. They find it, ransack it and find Nick's computer, along with the files Nick has on Will's admission. Sonny deletes the files and they search for the flash drive until Nick arrives...

Brady walks into the cafe, sees John, and demands to know what his agenda is. In some accent, John says he wanted to remind Kristen of the woman she was. He blames himself for not realizing how broken Kristen was after she lost their child and learned she could have no more.

Back at the square, Ciara thinks her daddy won't return because she's been bad. Brady eavesdrops as Kristen says she knows for a fact that's not true and admits she's gotten into trouble herself. Ciara says Zach never got into trouble and Kristen compares Zach to Lexi, who had a 'heart of gold'. Ciara shows her the envelope that got her into trouble and hands it over as Brady walks up.

Roman walks in on EJ at the mansion and eavesdrops on his call before getting after him for not sharing the wedding news with him. He assumes Sami knows it's a stupid idea and that's why they've kept him in the dark. He leaves a message for Sami to call him before leaving.

Sneak peek!

John confides in Victor.

Kristen tells Stefano everything.

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