Serves To Pleasure The Queen.

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Stefano's back, Kate has a warning for Nick, and Sonny goes snooping.

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In the park, Kate tells Nick how impressed by his new formula she is, yet she can't stomach the sight of him. He thinks that's harsh but so is what he's doing to her grandson. She warns him that he serves at the pleasure of the queen and if he pushes hard enough, the only job he'll have is singing with the Vienna Boys' Choir in the soprano section. Nick wants to focus on business. When the kid's born, he'll work from home. She hopes he's keeping their formula confidential. Nick brings up the strip club charity event last night. Kate is surprised to learn Rafe was there.

At the pub, Rafe finds a photo of himself striping on Caroline Brady's Facebook page. Gabi snickers and teases her brother. She notices Kate wasn't at the club but Sami was - without EJ. Gabi laments that Rafe and Sami were happy once. She feels guilty that they're apart. Rafe assures Gabi he doesn't give a damn about what Sami does.

At home, EJ tells Sami that Stefano's on his way home.

Tad, Sonny, and Will arrive at the cafe. Sami calls Will, telling him Stefano's on the way home. He needs to get over there. It's time to seek Stefano's help getting rid of Nick. Will's nervous. He hands the phone to Sonny and Sami asks him to find out where Nick and Gabi's bedroom is at the mansion and when they'll be out. Will runs and Tad asks what's up with him. Sonny alleviates his concerns and calls Adrienne for a visit. She gives him grief. He hasn't been around in a while.

In her office, Kristen yells for John to take his jersey and go. He grabs her arms, pulling her to him. She shoves him away and he talks about all the fun they had with the Salem Moose. She relaxes. That's when he fell in love with her. Is that person still inside her? She snarks that he killed that person.

In the square, Hope's attempt to call Bo back fails. Ciara tells Brady that Kristen has a lot of money to give away to people. She's about to show him the photo when Hope intervenes. Brady leaves and Hope tells Ciara that Bo's on a plane so they can't talk to him. Hope hugs her and calms her down. They leave. Later, Rafe and Kate meet. Rafe surprises Kate with a kiss in public. He doesn't care who sees. He tells her about stripping. She asks, "Was Sami there?" He says she, amongst others. Kate shows him a wad of cash. She'd like him to show her his act in private!

Back at the DiMera mansion, Sami's nerves get the better of her. EJ soothes her with words and then a kiss. Stefano interrupts, hears the wedding news and congratulates them. Will turns up with Johnny's soccer ball, thinking it'll help the cause. Will gazes at the chess board which sparks Stefano's memory of teaching him to play. Stefano offers him a rematch. They play and Stefano talks about Will teaching his daughter. EJ and Sami tell Stefano about the blackmail. Stefano hears that the evidence against Will for shooting EJ is at SPD and Sami's attempt to destroy it was unsuccessful. Stefano calls checkmate and gets up to leave. He assumes Sami wanted a favor...

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny pumps his mother for information until she catches on. She tells him to be careful. Justin hasn't seen anyone work the legal system the way Nick has and she doesn't want to see her son hurt. She offers to help.

At the pub, Hope tells Gabi and Nick about her issues with Ciara. Hope thinks Gabi and Nick are lucky they'll have the support of Will and Sonny. Nick's not sure that's an ideal situation for a little girl. Hope thinks this is about step-parents and assures him they'll work it out. She leaves and Nick comments that things won't work out all peachy keen like Hope thinks.

Rafe and Kate bask in the afterglow of sex at his place. She brings up Sami and can't believe any woman would give him up. Kissing ensues.

In her room, Ciara draws and looks at Kristen and Sy's photo.

He hands her the jersey and holds her hands in his just as Brady walks in. "What's going on?" He goes for John's throat and Kristen breaks them up and explains. John leaves and Brady has a tantrum. Brady can see that John's into her. If it has brought back old feelings for her, they're done. She locks the door and has sex with him to show him how she really feels. Meanwhile, John sits on a park bench with the jersey.

Sneak peek!

Stefano toys with Sami, EJ, and Will.

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