Anne's Not Nice.

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Abe and Cameron argue, Maggie sticks her nose into other people's business, and Anne has something up her sleeve.

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Abe and Theo visit Cameron at the hospital and Abe asks where he's been hiding himself. He flashes to stripping. Theo goes for therapy and Abe comments on Cam not making time for Theo. Cameron doesn't want to be told what to do. Abe raises his voice and gets in Cam's face. Cam admits he has a second job but that things will relax in a month. Maxine overhears as Cam gripes about Abe making him feel like a screw up. "We're family," Abe says. Cameron disagrees. He promises to find time for Theo and leaves. Maxine stops Abe, who asks how Cameron's doing. "Other than acting like a jackass just now, he's an outstanding doctor," she says. He seems determined to prove himself. Abe worries but Maxine reassures him.

Anne finds Chad and Abby at the square. She thanks Chad for helping her home from Chicago. She can't remember a thing. She apologizes to Abby for the past acrimony. She was promoted and doesn't want to be involved in any pettiness. She leaves and rolls her eyes once her back is turned. Chad assumes she's on the up and up but Abby says, "Anne's not nice." Chad's kind of happy she and Cameron are on the outs so he can show her he's not a bad guy. She says he's been "helpful and ... nice."

Vargas checks on Nicole at the rectory. She has a lot to finish before Father Eric returns tonight. She gazes at his rear end as he leaves her to it. He returns later with lunch and helps her with 'word processing' and they take a break. She feels bad that he wasted time tonight working with her but he disagrees. Time spent with her isn't wasted. They eat Kentucky Fried Chicken and flirt. They eat doughnuts and Vargas gets out the whipped cream. He gets it all over Nicole's fingers, licks them off and they smooch.

At the mansion, Brady notes his father went to a lot of trouble to dig up the jersey. Maggie thinks John's trying to remind Kristen of a time when they were friendlier.

In the park, John flashes to giving Kristen the jersey.

Kristen runs from the Kiriakis mansion and calls Brady with an update. The envelope isn't there. He tells her it may be at the cafe so she offers to go find it.

At the cafe, Ciara looks at the photo of Kristen paying the sleaze. Hope wants to know what she has and she hides it. It's a surprise for daddy. Hope says she got off the phone with daddy - he's coming home. They run off to tell grandma and Kristen wanders in to inquire about the envelope. A waitress tells her she saw one in the trash. Moments later, Kristen's digging away, disgusted. She finds a banana peel. The waitress realizes her mistake. The envelope would have already been picked up. Kristen's thrilled and goes back in. Maggie brings up John's gift to Kristen and tells her about her talk with Brady. Kristen runs to find him.

John meets Brady in the park until Brady accuses John of being jealous of Kristen. "She's marrying me. Why don't you deal with it," Brady warns. John doesn't deny when his son asks if he has feelings for her. Kristen calls and asks him not to let anything John says get to him. Brady tells John again to stay away from Kristen and leaves. John doesn't think he can do that.

Chad and Abby arrive at the hospital. Chad goes to find Theo while Maxine overhears Abby apologize. Cameron tells her to put him out of her mind - forever. Chad returns with Theo and makes a date to play a rematch of golf. They leave and Anne spots Abby. She's pleasant, so Abby goes to Maxine to get the dirt on her. Maxine doesn't trust Anne. Abby admits she's worried Anne is out to get Cameron fired. Maxine's got her ear to the ground and will let Abby know if Anne stirs things up. Later, Anne stops a co-worker about a personal issue with someone on staff. Maxine overhears and calls Abby to tell her.

Maggie goes to John in the square and asks why he gave Kristen that jersey. It's not her concern.

Hope and Ciara eat chowder at the pub. Hope goes to make a call and Ciara stares at Kristen's photo. Outside, Kristen meets Brady. They head in and Ciara recognizes Kristen from the photo.

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Jenn and Maggie make-up.

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