Sonny Is Mine.

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Will tells Bryan off, Caroline recognizes Cameron, and someone unexpected finds the envelope.

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Kristen is disquieted at the mansion, thinking Brady and Victor could be looking at the photos of her paying off Sy. She runs into Brady on the way out, who is furious that his Ferrari's not in the driveway. Kristen explains it was in Stefano's spot so he towed it to the back. She glances uneasily at his briefcase and tells him about John's gift. He's puzzled. He goes out to make sure there are no scratches on his car while she rifles through his briefcase but the envelope isn't there. Brady returns, and says one is missing so she returns to Victor's to get it.

Will, Sonny, Tad, Chad, and Bryan arrive the pub sweaty and hungry after basketball. Chad goes outside while at the bar, Bryan remarks that Sonny won't be happy when the kid is born. Will smirks and stakes his claim on Sonny and calls him out on making him think he and Sonny had sex. "Sonny is mine." Outside, Chad wants to call a truce with Cameron. Caroline intervenes and Chad tries to warn Cam but Caroline blurts out that she recognizes him. Chad interjects that she knows him from the hospital. She heads in to get him a coffee and Chad tells Cam that she saw him strip! It was probably for therapy with her Alzheimer's group. Cameron doubts this. Caroline returns and gushes about his act being smokin' hot. His secret is safe with her. Back inside, at a table, Tad tells Sonny he's happy to see Will having a good time for a change. He laments not being a good friend in the past. Chad leaves and Bryan and Sonny have a private moment. Bryan mentions Will accusing him of being a flirt. Sonny agrees and asks him to stop. He's in love with Will. At the bar, "T" and Will bond over ball. "T" hopes it doesn't change after his baby comes. Later, they discuss going to an Avril Lavigne concert together. Tad will set Bryan up with Audrey's brother. The guys leave Will and Sonny alone and they talk about their happiness, touch noses, and kiss. Caroline sees the kiss and sternly tells them there will be no PDAs in this pub. The boys go white and she starts to laugh. She's joking. She's happy for them.

Abby finds Hope at the cafe. She can't find Cam so runs out. John walks in. Hope gives Ciara a drink and tells John they need to discuss Marlena and Kristen. Sy's envelope sits under Ciara's backpack. Hope castigates John for his poor treatment of Marlena and recommends that he get back together with her and remain a united front for Brady. John says he will do anything for his son. He flashes to giving Kristen the gift. Hope knows he never gives up. "Maybe that guy's gone," he says, and leaves. Later, Ciara opens Sy's envelope and sees the photo.

From home, Victor tells Maggie about Kristen ruining his one-on-one time with Brady. Brady has likely already picked out the proposals without him. He's dying to find something to use against Kristen. Maggie purses her lips and lectures him. Henderson comes in and hands her the phone. Maggie leaves to chat with Daniel while Victor mumbles about being hopeful Kristen will slip up. Maggie returns. Daniel sounds good. She runs to Chez Rouge and will drop off Kristen's scarf on the way. Later, Kristen arrives and raves over Henderson's job skills while putting down Harold's. Victor says Maggie has her scarf. Kristen wants to put their differences aside. He's not amenable to that and goes to get her water while she snoops. Henderson returns with water. She learns Brady didn't leave behind the envelope.

In the square, Abby muses about what she'd say to Cam even if she did find him. She texts Chad, who turns up moments later and explains that he just saw Cam. Abby frets that he could lose his job because of her big mouth. Anne could be firing him now! They should tell Anne that Cam's a bartender.

Anne stops Cam at work to discuss a resignation. Cam's face falls. She says it's for Nurse Franklin and hands him papers. She apologizes for being out of line last time they spoke.

Maggie finds Brady at the DiMera mansion. She drops off Kristen's scarf. She sees the jersey and remembers coaching and John's deep feelings for Kristen.

John stares at a photo of him and Kristen in the park.

Sneak peek!

Abby finds out how close Anne is to getting Cameron fired.

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