The Holy Grail.

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

John has a gift for Kristen, Nick and Vargas make plans, and Gabi learns her brother's secret.

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At the pub, EJ gets on bended knee with a proposal. Sami's eyes widen in surprise. She thought it would happen on Valentine's Day and now... "Wow." She cries but says nothing. He starts to worry her answer is no. "No, it's not a no," she says. She can't say yes until she is sure he is not asking her to marry him for the wrong reasons. She's a mess and doesn't expect him to rescue her. EJ's astounded. That hadn't entered his mind. He loves her. She's extraordinary and brings joy to him that nobody else can. She tells him her insecurities make her feel as though people don't love her or they love her for who she's being at the moment. She cries about spoiling the moment. He grins. He loves her for who she is. They kiss. He wants to hear her say yes. He's been waiting a long time. She says, "Yes," and kisses him. "Yes!" They laugh and he slips the ring on her finger. She professes her love.

Nick meets Vargas at the rectory office. Vargas doesn't have the money yet and chastises Nick for his personal mess with Gabi. He worries it'll distract Nick and cause mistakes. Nick reassures him and says the deal is risky and not legit so Nick's being careful. Vargas notes that Nick wants this ready-made family and can sense Nick's desperation which he knows only screws everything up.

At the Kiriakis mansion, when Gabi shares her concerns about Kate, Rafe assures her Kate's just overprotective of Will and cares about Gabi. Gabi gasps and guesses that he and Kate are an item. He reluctantly admits it. "You're sleeping with Will's grandmother," she says grimacing. Rafe says he broke up with Kate because he thought she was using him to get to Gabi. All Rafe cares about is her and the baby. Gabi agrees to keep this quiet and is glad Kate made him happy. As long as he's not with Sami. Once Rafe's gone, Nick arrives and makes cryptic comments about fighting to ensure nobody comes between them.

At Mandalay, Kate's distant. Lucas fills her in on allowing Sami to move Allie into the DiMera mansion. He has to deal with Sami and EJ being together but he feels sorry for Rafe. He doesn't think Rafe has moved on from Sami, the love of his life. Kate frowns. Later, when Lucas is gone, Rafe arrives with a white rose for Kate and they agree to a truce.

In the park, Sy apologizes to Stefano for going to Victor Kiriakis.

Brady and Marlena are about to look at the artwork suggestions at the cafe when Hope interrupts. Marlena starts to open Sy's envelope but stops when Hope says they had a lead on the mugger but it failed. Business calls and Brady says he had fun hanging out with Marlena. They agree to do it again and Brady leaves. Marlena updates Hope about bumping into John. Hope doesn't want her to stop fighting but she's exhausted. Marlena thinks Kristen was the mastermind behind Brady's mugging. They can confirm it if they find the guy. Later, Ciara arrives. She misses her daddy.

John shows up at Kristen's door with a gift. She doesn't care if it's the Holy Grail. She's not interested in it or him. He pushes past her and says he hasn't wiped the slate clean. She sees him out and claims she's moved on but as soon as he leaves, she opens the bag and finds a baseball jersey. She holds it close while flashing to receiving it the first time from John. She plans to cherish it and use it at the same time.

EJ and Sami rush out of the pub and bump into Lucas who spots the ring and pokes fun of EJ's pub proposal and of all the marriages Sami has had. He congratulates them on their next fifteen minutes of marriage and agrees to keep mum. He laments how predictable and pathetic it is.

Sami and EJ sneak into the mansion through the servant's entrance and flop into bed for sex. They reminisce about the first time they met. Downstairs, Stefano tells Kristen he took care of Sy, but Victor has the photos which were made to look like 'some art thing'. Kristen flashes to Sy's friend handing them to her and panics.

Brady does business on the phone at the square. He finds Sy's envelope in his briefcase and starts to open it. Nearby, Marlena walks by and avoids John when she sees him. "It better work," John says to himself.

Kristen opens the door of the DiMera mansion to Brady.

Sneak peek!

Will confronts Brian about flirting with Sonny.

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