Officer Nightstick.

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Abby and Chad work together to stop Anne from finding out Cam's secret, Vargas meets Gabi, and Chloe finally comes to her senses.

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At Daniel's, he won't let Chloe use his son as a bargaining chip. Chloe cries about him not forgiving her when he forgave Nicole and Jennifer for all they've done. She brings up the past, blaming Vivian for making her think he was cheating on her with Carly. Daniel rants that she didn't even come to him - she just assumed he was cheating. She bawls that she'd have done anything to make it up to him. Daniel blames her for his child being ripped from him. If she hadn't slept with Philip, it wouldn't have happened. She agrees but everything she did was out of love. She won't let anyone turn her son against her. She loves him and wants to work it out but Daniel loves Jennifer. They'd be living a lie and he can't do that to his son. Is that what she wants? Chloe realizes she can't rob Parker of his dad's love just because she can't have it. She knows it was wrong of her to use their son. "What's wrong with me?" She wonders when she stopped being a good mother. Daniel assures her she will be one again and gently tells her he'll call Justin to find out how to establish paternity. Chloe leaves to get air and Dan and Parker spend time together. Dan tries calling Jenn.

Abigail spots Anne at the stripper club in Chicago and realizes Anne must have eavesdropped on their conversation. She tells Chad they need to stop Cameron from going onstage. They ask the bouncer to make this happen. Meanwhile, Cameron's shadow boxing backstage. Abigail's shocked when she finds Caroline there with a friend. Abby stops by Anne's table and listens to her complaints about taking over Jenn's job because she's away and having to do damage control after the scene Jenn caused with Daniel when she dumped him. She lets Abby know that any employee who damages the hospital's reputation can be terminated. The bouncer tells Abby Cam's up next so she comes up with a plan and tucks a few bills into the current dancer's shorts. The dancer brings her on stage and dances with her. Chad has the waiter bring shoots to Anne's table and gets her liquored up. Eventually, Abby makes her way backstage but her attempt to stop Cam from taking the stage fails and he starts dancing. Caroline and her friend hoot and holler but Caroline thinks she recognizes him. Abigail returns to Anne's table and finds her passed out in Chad's arms. After the show, Cameron comes upon them. They let him know that Anne didn't see him. Chad takes Anne home and Abby tells "Officer Nightstick" she and Chad saved his butt and calls him out on his mistrust of her.

At the rectory, Vargas' first paycheck in ten years is burning a hole in his pocket. He asks Nicole out for drinks.

Sonny pours Will coffee at the Coffee Bean when Nick heads in to apologize for calling him names. Nick wants Will to stop his family from upsetting Gabi and explains Kate's stunt. It's in Will's best interest to make sure Gabi doesn't change her mind about allowing him to see the baby. He leaves and passes EJ and Sami, who go in. They hear the story and then EJ asks Will to come around the mansion more so they can step things up with Stefano. Sonny's concerned about what Stefano will want in return for helping them with Nick and worries about what would happen to Will if EJ and Sami broke-up, pointing out that they've had issues in the past. EJ tries assuage Sonny's fears. He knows what it's like not to meet his kid, telling Sonny that his son with Nicole was stillborn. He won't let that happen to Will and hopes one day to make an honest woman out of Will's mother.

At the pub, Vargas questions why Nicole is so informal with Eric. She tells him they go way back and introduces Gabi as her friend. Nick arrives looking tense. Vargas admits they know each other from prison. He calls Nick an inspiration for getting his life together. Vargas acts as though he was a friend to Nick in jail, while at the bar, Nick denies knowing Vargas well. Nic and Gabi catch up and Vargas goes to Nick to remind him to get a move on in making him rich. Later, once they've closed the pub, Nick and Gabi dance in candlelight.

Sami and EJ arrive home. They discuss marriage and kiss.

Vargas and Nicole arrive back at the rectory. He gives her cake and she drops it. They share a moment before Vargas takes off. Each of them thinks of the other, later.

Chloe sits alone on a park bench sobbing and looking at photos of her with Parker and Daniel. She knows what to do now.

Sneak peek!

Daniel tricks Jennifer into returning to Salem.

Vargas and Nicole almost kiss.

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