What's Sauce For The Goose...

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Kristen, Sami, and EJ discuss Stefano, Daniel confronts Chloe, and Jenn makes a life-changing decision.

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At the mansion, Sami asks if EJ has decided to forgive his father. Kristen pokes her head in, curious as well. They ask her to leave. She snarks that EJ forgave Sami, and next to her, "Father looks like Mother Theresa." EJ asks her not to start in on the mother of his kids. They're not dwelling on the past. Sami says she realized she loves EJ and can't live without him. Sami asks if Kristen has forgiven Stefano. Kristen shrugs. She's living there. Sami reminds Kristen Stefano left her on that island. EJ warns Sami but Kristen says, "What's sauce for the goose... is sauce for the other goose." Life is good for Kristen, and Stefano can't take that away from her. Sami barks out a skeptical laugh. Kristen leaves. EJ has never been happier with Sami and says he and Stefano are moving on. Sami threatens she'll move him and their kids out of the mansion if he aligns with his father. EJ says that's fine. She tells him about bumping into Nick which made her feel frustrated that their plan to suck up to Stefano is moving slow.

At the cafe, Abby asks if Chad has seen Cameron. Anne sits nearby and eavesdrops as Abby wishes they'd never learned his secret. Anne finds out the address of the club when Abby waves it around. Chad cracks stripper jokes but tells Abby to give the man space. He's done with this. Stefano walks in, surprising Chad. Abby leaves them alone and Stefano asks if they're getting back together. Chad calls them friends. Stefano asks him to move in. He wants his son back. Chad doesn't like being pressured. Cameron arrives, sees Abby but doesn't want to get into it. Stefano interrupts to meet Cameron. He knows he was a great comfort to Lexi and offers to talk about her with him if he'd like. They both leave and Abby cries about life sucking. She wants something to go right and for Cam to know she's not judging him.

Cameron meets the shady man in the park with another wad of money. He has two more payments.

At Laura's, Jenn wants to call Daniel but can't. Laura urges her daughter to go see him. Widowhood can make a woman do things she wouldn't normally do. Jenn gets exasperated and storms off. She returns later and confidentially tells Laura about the horrible break-up. Since Daniel understands what it's like to get over a lost loved one, Laura asks what the problem is. Jenn talks in circles. Laura's baffled. Finally she admits Chloe's blackmailing her. Laura calls her a hero for putting Daniel's needs above her own. Jennifer comes to the conclusion that she has to leave Salem and decides to move to London to be closer to JJ.

At home, Daniel thinks he and Chloe have a chance to really get to know each other through honesty. They talk about the past and how happy they were together. Chloe admits she still loves him but he sees her as a friend. He blurts out, "I know what you did." She had her nutty mother take his son to Brazil. Chloe acts surprised and then blames Nancy. Daniel freaks out and provides physical proof and screams he knows Chloe blackmailed Jenn into dumping him. Chloe blames Nicole for turning him against her. She tells him he has no parental rights. She shows him the new birth certificate. "You're only Parker's father if I say you are." Daniel says he'll get a paternity test. Chloe threatens to take off with her son and Daniel gets in her face.

At the hospital, Anne flashes to Cameron telling her off and tells nurse Hailey she knows something that's good for her career and wants to put a certain someone in his place.

Stefano arrives home and moans to Kristen about Chad's stubbornness and how meeting Cameron made him think about Lexi. He seemed so much like her. In the great room, EJ tells Sami that Stefano's distracted. She thinks he should take over more of the business. "The legit side or..." EJ jokes. They kiss and she goes to put the kids to bed. EJ asks his father's portrait what he thinks about EJ taking over more of the business.

Anne shows up at the club in Chicago that Cameron dances at. Abby and Chad arrive just in time for Cam's act. Abby spots Anne and worries she'll ruin everything for him.

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EJ hints at marriage.

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