Very Un-Jennifer.

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Nicole goes to Daniel with her suspicions, Jenn uses Laura's shoulder to cry on, and Kate's attempt to get Gabi to sign the document fails.

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Rafe meets Daniel at the park to confirm Nancy and Parker were in Brazil. Daniel's gobsmacked. Chloe lied but if he confronts her, she'll unload lies on to him.

Sonny stops by the mansion to see EJ and help him squash Nick. EJ can tell he has a moral dilemma about hurting Nick. EJ thinks it's merely 'being human' and Nick's deserving of their wrath. Sonny wants to search Nick's room.

At the park, Sami and Will get into a discussion about how they're using Stefano when Nick shows up. Sami thanks him for allowing Will to see the baby after she's born. Nick's just standing by his wife. Once he's gone, Sami smirks. She wanted Nick to feel as though he's in control so he won't see them coming.

Kate whips out documents for Gabi to sign at the pub, stating that she'll agree to have Will's name on the birth certificate and allow him to spend time with the child. Gabi's confused. Kate thrusts a pen at her. Nick arrives. What's going on? Gabi tells him the papers are a formality. If anything happens to her, Will steps in. Nick asks who put Kate up to this. Kate's just looking out for Will. Rafe interrupts and Nick shows him the document. He's pissed Kate did this behind his back. "Did you do this when we were..." Kate cuts him off. She apologizes to Gabi and they leave. Gabi's hurt and Nick tells her he's the only one she can trust. Gabi's tired and Nick thinks that's what they want - to beat her down and eventually get full custody.

Jennifer goes to Laura's for support about her situation with Daniel. Jenn's apologetic for barging in out of the blue but confides to her mother that her heart is breaking over dumping Dan. Laura assumes Jack's the reason and Jenn doesn't deny it. She gets a pep talk. Jenn cries, feeling terrible about using Jack like this. She has to call Daniel.

At Daniel's apartment, Nicole accuses Chloe of causing Jenn and Daniel's break-up. Chloe retorts that she's innocent. Nicole knows better and doesn't like that Chloe's hurting someone she cares about. Chloe calls Nicole jealous and reminds her once again that she can never give Daniel children. Nicole's hurt and starts to cry. A good mother doesn't exploit her kids. This hits home with Chloe, who becomes emotional and lashes out. Nicole tells her to have a nice life and lets herself out. She calls Daniel, asking to meet. Later, Chloe tells Nancy that she heard Jennifer left town. It's a good time for her to horn in on Daniel's time with Parker. "Don't be so pushy," Nancy begs.

At the coffee house, Will tells Sami she has changed since moving into the mansion. She reminds him she's doing this for him but he asks what EJ's motives are. Has he really changed? He knows something is going on because he saw EJ shoot Stefano a weird look. Later, Sonny arrives and tells Will about his talk with EJ.

Dan meets Nicole at the rectory. She's sorry to hear about the break-up. She finally sees that they belong together and thinks the dumping was very 'un-Jennifer'. Nicole blames Chloe for forcing Jenn's hand. Daniel seethes. A nun comes in with Parker and a light bulb goes on in Daniel's head. He curses, "Oh my God," right in front of the nun. "She used my son." He thanks Nicole for looking out for him.

Rafe and Kate argue in the park. Kate says Gabi married a sociopath who is blackmailing Will. Rafe calls that conjecture. Rafe thinks the blackmail is about putting Sami back in her cage. Kate knows Sami wouldn't hurt the baby and thinks Rafe's still angry at Sami for dumping him for EJ. Rafe trashes the document and walks off.

Sami and EJ are home, working when EJ says Gabi moved into the Kiriakis mansion with Nick. Sami's not happy. EJ says Sonny offered to help them with Nick. Sami wonders if EJ gave him the idea. He's so good at manipulating people and making them think it's their idea. She outright asks why he wanted them to move into the manse. Has he decided to forgive Stefano? EJ looks up as if someone just walked in.

Chloe finds Daniel at home. He asked Nancy for time alone so he and Chloe can figure out where to go from here.

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Stefano reaches out to Cameron and Chad.

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