Pompous Bag Of Wind.

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Kristen uses EJ in order to get Sy under control, Chloe makes herself clearer to Jennifer, and Chad is suspicious of Cameron.

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Sy Miller stops Marlena outside of Mandalay and while Kristen watches, Marlena tells him it's inappropriate for him to approach her outside the office. He tries to hand over the envelope but she leaves. EJ startles Kristen and Sy takes off. Kristen wants to drag EJ into her scheme. He cringes. Nearby, Marlena's assistant calls. Sy cancelled his appointment. EJ stops Marlena so Kristen can work her plan. He asks her to stop by the mansion to wish Sami well in her new life but Marlena won't do it. Kristen lives there.

At the cafe, Sonny is about to confess to Will about Kate and Rafe when they arrive. Will questions what's going on between them and when told the truth, thinks it's a joke. Things are awkward and Kate asks Will to keep it quiet. "I wish I didn't know," he says, and takes off. Kate chastises Sonny and Rafe goes after Will. He tries to talk things out but gets nowhere. Rafe starts asking questions about how Nick got him to sign away his rights to Arianna. Will says nothing. Rafe insists Gabi would never do anything to keep Will from his daughter. Inside, Sonny and Kate discuss Will's situation with the baby. Rafe and Will return. Will agrees to keep quiet about Kate and Rafe's relationship. They leave and Sonny apologizes about keeping that from him. Will also has a secret. He tells him he is asking Stefano for help to get rid of Nick. Sonny realizes the reason he's doing this is because of what Nick called him. They agree Will has no other choice, even though they don't want Nick hurt.

Chad approaches Cam at the hospital asking to set up a date with Theo but Cam's working tonight. He leaves and Chad questions Maxine about double shifts. She tells him double shifts are against policy. Chad's puzzled.

Jennifer cries on Abigail's shoulder at home about her break-up with Daniel. Abby's sure they'll work things out but Jennifer lies that she isn't in love with him. Abby's astounded. It makes no sense! Jenn flashes to Chloe's ultimatum and shuts down.

At his apartment, Daniel demands Chloe tell him what she said to Jennifer. She yells that she did nothing and is tired of being the scapegoat every time Jenn has a meltdown. Dan decides to go to New York and spend time with Parker. Chloe has a fit. She'll ask Nancy to return home. She calls and puts Parker on the phone. Parker tells his dad he's not in New York. Nancy grabs the phone and blames Parker being tired for his mistake. They hang up and Daniel's calmer but asks Chloe to pack her things and leave.

Chloe arrives to Jenn's to tell her that whatever she told Daniel didn't work. She'd better step things up. Jenn whines about the cruelty. Chloe tells her to give the necklace back. Jenn cries that she can't hurt him like this. Chloe says Anne was right. Jenn's selfish and cowardly. Jenn calls her delusional. Chloe threatens to get on the next flight to Brazil so Jenn complies.

Abby bumps into Chad outside the pub. He shares his puzzlement about what happened earlier with Cameron and she flashes to Cameron paying someone off. They walk to the square and Abby concludes that Cam's in trouble. They see him and follow...

At work, Maxine wonders why Daniel didn't go away. Are things okay between him and Jenn? He glares at her and admits things are tense. She orders him to fix things. Sy walks into Marlena's office and finds Kristen. She wants the photos and that "pompous bag of wind AKA Dr. Evans" isn't going to protect him. If Stefano gets involved, he could end up dead. She offers him five thousand. He takes it and runs. Kristen leaves and Marlena shows up. Meanwhile, Jenn finds Daniel and with Chloe watching, Daniel kisses Jenn. Daggers shoot from Chloe's eyes.

In the park, Kate and Rafe wonder if Stefano already knows about their relationship.

Sy counts his money at home. It's not enough. He'll have to find another way.

Kristen arrives at the mansion and thanks EJ for his assistance. Everything went well. She retrieves a box from the desk and starts on the next step in her plan.

Sneak peek!

Abigail and Chad's spying on Cameron comes up with one surprising result. Cam's a stripper.

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