Peanut Butter, Banana And Mayo.

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Chloe blackmails Jennifer, Daniel is shocked at what he learns, and Gabi moves into the Kiriakis mansion.

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At Jenn's, she's astounded when Chloe issues an ultimatum: stay away from Daniel, or he'll lose his son forever. Jenn attempts to call Daniel but Chloe stops her. Nancy took Parker out of the country, where Daniel will never find him. Jenn cautions the brunette against playing games with her son.

Hope and Nick move Gabi into the Kiriakis mansion. Nick heads upstairs with the boxes and when he returns, he eavesdrops as Gabi thanks Hope for getting Nick to speak to someone about prison. Nick flashes to Vargas threatening him. Hope goes outside in the yard to find Victor and Ciara, who are picking out spots to hid Easter eggs. Nick returns. Gabi feels guilty that Hope's so nice to her when Nick's blackmailing Will. Nick says it's not her fault. She admits she told Rafe, who was shocked.

Before Eric goes to prepare for Easter service, Vargas tells him he's appreciative of all his help. Hope shows up and admits she was on the inside and knows what it's like getting out. She hands over Marlena's card and her phone number if he needs to talk. He leaves and Eric returns. They agree Vargas is trying to make the best of this chance.

Rafe and Kate make love in his bed. It was so good, they should break-up every day. They felt sad when they broke-up. Kate thinks Stefano's a good reason to end things. If Stefano knew about Rafe, there would be war. Rafe jokes that she needs to learn to keep her hands off of him in public, so nobody finds out. She laughs and heads to work. Later, he finds her bracelet in his bed and calls to meet her.

From home, Daniel talks to Nancy over the phone. Nancy covers and tells him they're visiting family in New York, but when Daniel overhears a Portuguese speaking woman Nancy covers and they hang up. Maggie arrives with a gift for Parker. He fills her in on what's been going on. She's happy. He asks her to hold off on telling the family until he deals with Chloe.

Back at Jenn's, Chloe connects her computer to Jenn's wifi and gets Nancy on Skype. Nancy tells them she's in Brazil and confirms by showing her what's outside the window. Jenn goes pale and asks Nancy to bring him home. Parker says he misses his daddy. They disconnect and Jenn attempts to call the police. Chloe reminds her Daniel has no rights to her son and shows her Parker's birth certificate. There was a mistake made and no father was named. Jenn calls Chloe sick. Besides, Daniel won't turn to her. He doesn't love her! Jenn doesn't know how to dump Daniel and cries that she hates Chloe.

Rafe sits at the square and daydreams about making love to Kate. Daniel pops by with flowers. "You shouldn't have bro." They're for Jenn. He sees the bracelet. Who's that for? Rafe lies that it's Gabi's. Daniel appears skeptical. Where has he seen the bracelet before? Kate starts to walk up and it dawns on Daniel. He hands it to her and leaves. Kate says, "Oh my God." Rafe runs to do damage control. Vargas walks by, flashing to telling Nick that there'll be a price for his protection. Meanwhile, Rafe approaches Daniel in the park to explain they want this kept quiet. Daniel will keep it quiet though he doesn't really understand. "Be careful," Daniel says. "Kate's a handful. A happy Kate makes the world a safe place." They leave and Vargas shows up to find Nick on the phone. Back at the square, Kate and Rafe agree to meet later. Stefano walks up...

Maggie rushes home to welcome Gabi into her home. She gazes at the engagement ring and Gabi tears up when Maggie mentions having a shower for her. Maggie fixes her a peanut butter, banana and mayo sandwich. Nick raises an eyebrow. He runs to work.

Chloe returns home to update Nancy on the phone.

Jenn dries her tears as Daniel shows up on her doorstep.

Sneak peek!

Sami and Will take the first steps in bonding with Stefano before asking him to help them get Nick out of the way.

Kate's surprised and worried when she and Rafe bump into Stefano and his new girlfriend.

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