Crush Nick Fallon Like A Bug.

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Sami tries talking Will into letting Stefano help get rid of Nick, Jenn and Daniel make love, and Nicole meets a sexy stranger.

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Daniel startles Jennifer at the Horton cabin on Smith Island. He loves her and wants to make things right. He didn't sleep with Chloe and had no idea why Jenn slapped him until an hour ago. Jenn's incredulous. Dan says Chloe will have to answer for her lies and admits she kissed him. Jenn starts panting and flies off the handle. He reminds her he loves her and they make-up with a lingering kiss.

At home, Gabi's in disbelief when Nick says Will gave up his rights to his child. Nick stops her attempt to call Will. She argues that he wouldn't do that unless someone had a gun to his head. What did Nick do? He admits he set it up and claims Sonny and Will threatened him and told him they'd get full custody themselves. Gabi's furious. Will doesn't deserve this and Nick could go to prison. Nick denies blackmailing him. "We made a deal." He won't tell Gabi, but does tell her who knows about their "deal." Nick leaves and Gabi worries about Will. When Nick returns, she's gone.

Sami and Will sit on a bench at the park as Sami offers to shut Nick down. Will still wants her to stay out of it. If the recording and evidence disappears, Nick can't make the document stick. Sami lets it slip that she and Lucas broke into the evidence room. Will goes nuts and Sami suggests he let Stefano help them. Will recalls Stefano blackmailing him about the shooting. Will reminds her she shot EJ in the head. He can't believe she's moving back into the scene of the crime. Will doesn't want her help. Sami leaves and a little girl drops by. He daydreams that she's his daughter but she's just looking for directions to the library.

At the cafe, Father Eric receives a donation for the new school from EJ. He asks after Nicole. Eric says she's fine and cracks a joke that she's doing better since they put the wet bar in. They laugh. Eric leaves and EJ tries to get Sonny on board with making Will's pain go away. EJ thinks it'd be fun to crush Nick Fallon like a bug. EJ leaves and Gabi shows up. Sonny gives her the cold shoulder. Will arrives and wants to talk. They go for a walk and Gabi asks if he's really okay giving up his daughter.

As a sweaty and shirtless Vargas works on the heater at the rectory, Nicole waltzes in and removes one of her shirts. She's startled by him and stammers while leering at his chest. He dresses and fixes the heater. Eric returns and Nicole inserts her foot into her mouth when she starts in on the prisoner arriving soon. Eric informs her Vargas is the prisoner. Vargas isn't offended. He leaves the room and Eric tries convincing Nicole to cut Vargas some slack. Meanwhile, Vargas has showered and considers Nicole. He assumes things will still work out fine.

Chloe packs a bag at home to meet Daniel at the conference. Nancy's against it but Chloe explains she talked a friend into getting her an audition for voice-over work in San Francisco. She insists Daniel still wants her. She calls the same hotel Daniel's staying at for a room, and learns Daniel canceled his reservation. She calls him but he ignores it while he and Jenn make love. She runs out searching for him.

Sami meets EJ in the square. She tells him Will's not into their idea to ask for Stefano's help. Has she decided whether or not they'll move into the mansion? She's ready to move in with him but has misgivings. She's not thinking of herself. She laughs at how that sounds like a punchline. She's thinking about his issues with Stefano. EJ thinks living with Stefano will help with their issues. He vows that Will's daughter will know him.

Back at the cabin, Jenn and Dan continue making love. Things get passionate again. Chloe watches from outside, with her mouth wide open.

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Nick's mouth gets the best of him again and fists start flying between him and Sonny.

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