A Duplicitous Little Tramp.

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Kristen tells Daniel what's going on with Jennifer, Chloe and Jenn have a run-in, Vargas learns Nick's married to Gabi, and Brady shocks John.

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Brady gets down on bended knee at home and proposes to Kristen. She jumps for joy and says, "Okay! Okay!" They make-out and she worries he may have reservations because it's so sudden. He assures her. They kiss some more.

Nicole mutters to herself at the cafe, upset about the prisoner going to work at the rectory. Somebody has to do God's work, so she leaves to see Chloe.

Hope, Eric, and Vargas arrive at the rectory. It's stifling hot so Eric checks the heater. Vargas asks Hope to look into finding counseling for him. He can't imagine anyone being locked up and not wanting to discuss it. They go for lunch.

In Gabi's bed, she and Nick make love. They plan for her to move into the Kiriakis mansion. Gabi takes a call. Caroline needs her to take over at the pub while she is in therapy.

Abby finds Jenn home with her suitcase packed. She's off to Smith Island. Abby worries but Jenn assures her this is for the best.

Daniel packs for the conference at his hotel and decides to make things right with Jenn.

At home, Chloe wants to go with Daniel to the conference but Nancy yells that she has already overplayed her hand a few times. Chloe realizes her mother is right. She just wants "that dreary loser out of all of our lives." She'll go for a walk instead. Nicole shows up to make sure Chloe knows her place. Chloe's gone, so Nic and Nancy sling insults at one another.

John walks in the park and leaves a message for Brady to call him back so they can work things out.

Back at the DiMera house, Brady stops the celebration to step out after seeing John called. Kristen runs out to share the news with someone.

Jenn bumps into Chloe and Parker at the square. Chloe notes Jenn's ticket to the Smith Island ferry and baits her. Jenn is annoyed and the claws come out. Jenn rehashes Chloe making her believe she slept with Daniel. "You are a duplicitous little tramp." This doesn't faze Chloe, though she doesn't like that Jenn called her a whore in front of her son. Jenn snorts and Chloe runs off.

Daniel looks for Jenn at home but she's gone to the cabin. He flashes to their last conversation and looks sheepish. He gives her the photos of him and Jenn for her mother and heads out, bumping into Kristen. She's giddy and wants to share her news. He tells her Jenn's gone away for a few days and she can see they are on the outs. Kristen bluntly asks if he had sex with Chloe. Daniel's jaw dropped. It never happened. Kristen tells her everything Jennifer saw and was told by Chloe. Daniel hugs Kristen in thanks and runs off to the cabin.

Eric, Hope, and Vargas head into the pub. He's tense. It's been a while since he's been in public. Hope finds Gabi working on her wedding day. Gabi brushes it off. Eric has plans to help Vargas get a job. Hope goes to see Nick and suggests he go into therapy. Downstairs, Vargas thanks Eric for the opportunity he's giving him. Hope returns and Vargas thanks her. She tells him her cousin Nick Fallon recently got out of Statesville. Did he know him? Vargas shrugs. The name sounds familiar. Meanwhile, Eric gives Gabi a wedding present - wine. He goes back to the table and tells Vargas Gabi's Nick's wife. Vargas stares at her before they leave. Gabi goes to her room and shows Nick Eric's present. She wants to share it with Will. Nick refuses. Gabi protests. Nick confesses Will signed away his parental rights. Gabi's jaw hits the floor.

Brady finds John at the park. He made a mistake and was wrong to mislead him. It was done out of love. He asks for a second chance. Brady is quiet and then lowers the boom. "I am marrying Kristen." He then walks away.

Jenn arrives to the Horton cabin on Smith Island. Daniel barges in a while later.

Chloe and Parker return home. Nancy takes Parker to the bedroom where she plans on reading Parker a story about the blonde evil witch who came to the house... Nicole rolls her eyes and tells Chloe her application for volunteering at the rectory has been reviewed and rejected. Chloe shrugs. Nicole won't let Chloe use the church to further her "sinful agenda." She leaves and Nancy returns. Chloe tells her mother Jenn and Daniel are through.

Eric and Vargas return to the rectory. It's still hot, so Vargas sheds his shirt and gets to work. Nicole returns and removes one of her shirts. She's startled by Vargas.

Kristen returns to the DiMera mansion. Brady hands her sparkling cider and places a big diamond ring on her finger. They hug and kiss.

Sneak peek!

Chloe finds Daniel and Jenn in the throes of passion.

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