Elitist Little Snob.

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Abigail keeps Anne away from Cameron, John and Marlena are torn apart further, and Nancy eavesdrops.

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Jenn walks up to Daniel spending time with Parker at the square. She wants to talk. He asks, "Talk first, slap later?" She wants to be civil. Since he didn't reciprocate, he doesn't think the kiss is an issue. He accuses Jenn of being afraid to betray Jack. Nancy pops her head up near some flowers as Daniel tells Jenn that dating him was too soon for her, which is why she's pushing him away and using Chloe as an excuse to do it. Jenn's hurt. Daniel tells her about the conference. She can't believe he's walking away.

At Daniel's, Maggie drops by to tell Chloe she's got her number only this time she won't get away with it. Chloe reminds Maggie that Jenn and Dan had troubles long before she arrived. They're just not meant to be. Maggie disagrees.

Abigail notes the exchange of money between Cameron and some guy at the hospital. She attempts to keep Anne out of the way by picking a fight. Inside, the man warns Cameron better not be late next time. Anne and Abby get into it outside the hub. Anne brings up the fight with Chloe. If she wasn't a Horton, her ass would be in jail. Cameron comes along while Anne's calling Abigail an "elitist little snob" and demands to know what's going on. Anne snarks about nepotism's poster child coming to Abby's rescue. She doesn't have to answer to him and leaves. Abby can tell he's upset about something else and offers to lend an ear. He admits he has big shoes to fill because everyone loves and respects Lexi.

From home, Kristen recalls John telling her she lost him forever. She vows John will know the pain she felt that day. EJ finds Kristen drinking. He informs her he and Samantha accepted Stefano's offer to move in. She won't get in his way if he promises the same. She brings up marrying Brady. EJ assumed that she had plans for Brady but can tell she has genuine feelings for Brady. What gives? She alludes to not knowing but yells that it's none of his damned business. She calms down and apologizes. She's not used to opening up to anyone. She does care deeply for Brady but it's too much to think they could live happily ever after. EJ reminds her she helped him with Samantha and wants to return the favor. Kristen doesn't need his help. She tears up and recalls another time she was about to marry the man of her dreams. When it went awry, she locked up her dreams forever.

In his hotel room, John admits he wouldn't give Kristen a chance in a million years but if Brady finds out, John could lose him for good. They notice the door is slightly ajar and John opens it to find Brady. He invites Marlena to dinner tonight. John asks for a rain check for her. Brady shows Marlena the plaque John gave him. Brady has only wanted to feel like he belonged. John rubs his shoulder. They've always been a family. He hopes this is the start of resolving their issues but Brady has other news. He knows John's lying. He overheard them and is sickened. He yells that he's finished with them both! They try to talk sense into him but he's hurt and angry and stalks off.

Jenn arrives home to Maggie telling Charlie over the phone that the cell phone lines are back up and ready for him to open the cabin. Maggie hangs up. She can tell Jenn's upset. Maggie urges her to talk to Daniel but Jenn did and things are worse. They embrace and Jenn fights tears. She calls Charlie and offers to open the cabin for him.

Daniel says goodbye to Parker at his apartment. Chloe can tell he's stressed. He covers. Nancy arrives and he leaves. She's giddy with excitement because Daniel's still clueless.

Daniel packs at his hotel, where he finds photos of him and Jenn. He has to make this right.

Marlena follows John to the square, where he tells her to stay out of his son's life - and his.

Brady arrives home to Kristen and gets on bended knee...

Sneak peek!

Nicole gets hot and bothered over Vargas!

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