You Lost Me Forever.

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Jennifer gets advice from Kristen, Marlena and Kristen try to figure out what John is up to, and Cameron has to pay someone off.

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At Daniel’s apartment Nancy’s concerned about Chloe’s plan after events of the previous evening. She gets nosey as Chloe goes over a document. Chloe realizes Parker’s birth certificate is missing Daniel’s name so she can’t rub it in Jennifer’s face. Daniel calls and says he is coming over. Nancy and Chloe try to think of a reason why she was at the hotel last night. Daniel arrives and tells her about the conference. Nancy suggests they all go and Parker would never know daddy is gone. She goes to get Parker up to see him. Daniel tells Chloe her mom sounds homesick and should go home and they should get a nanny. Chloe asks why he is being this way and says she told Jennifer she was sorry. Daniel asks for what. Chloe says about the kiss. Daniel takes Parker to the park. Chloe tells her mom she thinks things are going her way. Nancy asks what she will do when Daniel does talk to Jennifer and gets a clue.

At the hospital, Maggie asks about Daniel’s evening. He brushes her off and discusses a conference he is going to. He wants Maggie to check on Parker for him. Maggie argues about him leaving now with all that is going on with Jennifer. She tells him to walk away if he doesn’t love Jennifer as much as she loves him.

At the Horton’s Abby asks Jennifer what Chloe did now to make her upset. Jennifer changes the subject and asks about her and Cameron. She tells her to go out and have fun.

Cameron wakes up at home to answer the phone and asks "What now?" Cameron says he knows he was late but he has it. He gets up and starts counting cash.

At the coffee shop Marlena asks John about Kristen. He says he doesn’t owe Marlena explanations or anything at all. He is upset about where they are. Marlena is crying over everything that is tearing them apart as Roman comes in. Marlena asks Roman to excuse them. She reminds John what Kristen was trying to do. She knows what John is trying to do but asks him for the plan. He says he can’t share it and leaves. Roman offers Marlena his support.

John makes a phone call from his hotel to make sure everything is set for tonight. He holds the plaque he gave Brady and makes a promise to Brady’s mom that he is not going to lose Brady to Kristen. Marlena stops by and asks why he is reaching out to Kristen but not to her. He tries to get rid of her. She won’t leave until she has answers.

Kristen and Brady discuss how John feels in the square. Brady wonders about why John is giving Kristen all these chances. He thinks John has a soft spot for Kristen. She asks if he thinks John is jealous. Brady hopes his dad is sincere but is trying to figure out his motive for being nice. Kristen says she has an idea to find out John’s motives. She suggests marriage again and wants to bring it up at dinner with John. Brady doesn’t like the plan. She talks about being different and plans to go see Jennifer.

Cameron and Abby have coffee at the hospital. She tries to make plans with him for the evening but he says he can’t and avoids her question about him being busy with work. She leaves. A man shows up. Cameron walks off and the man follows him. Abby comes back to return something. The nurse points in his direction and she follows them to a conference room and sees Cameron give the man an envelope of money.

Kristen stops by to see Jennifer and asks how she is. Jennifer tells her about the events of the evening. Kristen tells her to fight for her man and go see what really happened.

Maggie sees Brady at the coffee shop and asks after him. He tells her that John is opening up to Kristen being a part of his life. He confesses he thinks John is still in love with her. Maggie doesn’t think so. Brady asks if she thinks his father is lying. She can’t know, but says his father loves him.

Parker and Daniel bond in the square. Jennifer comes up and wants to talk.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen remembers when John told her she lost him forever and vows he will know her pain.

John confesses to Marlena that he wouldn’t give Kristen a chance in a million years. John hears someone at the door and finds Brady there. He may have overheard what he told Marlena.

Sneak peek!

Cameron lies to Abigail.

Brady asks Kristen to marry him.

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