The DiMera House Of Horrors.

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Kristen moves into the mansion, Brady and Victor have an argument, and Nancy arrives in Salem.

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Things are awkward at the hospital between Daniel and Jenn. Kayla and Maxine watch and discuss trying to get them back together tonight at Maxine's party. She was named nurse of the year. Kayla asks Jenn to go but she has to video chat with JJ's advisor tonight since he's having trouble at school. Maxine asks Daniel who refuses. She can't believe he doesn't want to honor her. He's her inspiration! He decides to go. Later, Anne eavesdrops as Kayla and Maxine mope about Jenn not going. Anne calls Chloe with the good news.

Nancy arrives at Daniel's place. She got rid of Jennifer's brother Mike and they can do the same to Jenn. Nancy notices Chloe has lost weight over the stress and opens up about her own insomnia and taking sleeping pills. She reminds Chloe that they can get rid of the competition but they can't make someone love her. Later, Parker wakes up. Nancy gloats. Daddy's on his way over. He arrives and Chloe runs to the store while they catch up. Daniel takes his identification card from Parker and lays it on the sofa while Nancy promises to help Chloe get over him. Chloe returns and Daniel takes off without his card. Nancy fills Chloe in on how 'flawless' their chat went.

At the rectory, Nicole asks Eric why he can't see what's right in front of him. He's baffled. She's baffled that he's baffled. She thought he was more intuitive. He grabs her hand and apologizes for being dense. They both tear up until Ciara runs in with a picture she drew for Father Eric. When Ciara grows up, she wants to marry him. He reminds her they're cousins and priests can't marry. Nicole hears that and dashes out.

At home, Maggie and Victor are depressed that Brady's moving out. They're shocked to learn he's moving into the "DiMera House of Horrors." Victor flies off the handle and disowns him. Maggie hopes one day Brady will come to his senses but despite her concerns and Victor's anger, their door and her heart is always open to him.

Kristen is welcomed back to the mansion by Harold. Brady arrives and she hopes they can replace the bad memories they both have of the mansion with new ones. He tells her what happened with Victor and Maggie. Victor disowned him but she's worth it. She doesn't take it for granted and asks him to christen every room in the house. They start in the living room. John knocks on the door and Kristen runs out, making sure she's half-dressed to greet him.

Jenn finishes up her video chat call with JJ's advisor at home. Kayla arrives to pick her up for the party. Jenn balks at going. She tells Kay she and Daniel are on the outs and Kay gives her a pep talk before leaving.

Eric follows Nicole to the park. She tells him she loves him and always has. She thought she had moved on a dozen times but knows now that she never did. He's apologetic and hopes he didn't lead her on. They shouldn't see each other anymore. Nicole snaps out of her fantasy just as Eric arrives. She talks about being over Daniel. She watched Chloe's desperate attempts to be with Daniel who doesn't love her and doesn't want to be like that anymore. In a way she still is.

At the pub, Maxine's party is in full swing. Jenn watches through the window at Kayla and Daniel talking. Anne shows up, shocked that Jenn showed. Maxine walks up and she and Jenn go in. Anne quickly calls Chloe with an update. Inside, Daniel and Jenn make goo-goo eyes at each other and go outside while Chloe yells to Anne over the phone to stop them. Anne's attempts at lip reading don't work but she notices Dan caressing Jenn's face. Chloe's crushed. Daniel says something has changed for them for the better and they hug.

Sneak peek!

Stefano returns.

Chad reaches out to Abby.

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