Get A Dog.

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Will and Nick go toe-to-toe, Nicole has it out with Chloe, and EJ and Sami plot.

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Chloe interrupts Nicole in her office looking at a flyer for Father Eric's return to the rectory to ask why she still works there. Nic needs sanctuary. They miss each other's friendship. Chloe can tell something's wrong and asks Nicole to spill. Before Nicole can say anything, Chloe gets into it about Nancy returning to Salem and that she's living in Daniel's apartment. She wants to know how to get rid of Jennifer. Offended, Nic accuses Chloe of dropping by just to use her. Chloe's surprised she doesn't want to help. Is she still in love with Daniel? Nic denies that but doesn't think Daniel will ever be happy with Chloe.

Eric receives Vargas at SPD. Vargas was in prison ten years but it was only supposed to be seven. Hope arrives as the liaison for the mission program and Vargas clams up. Eric discusses how the mission program will be in Salem and suddenly Vargas feels "blessed" to be involved in this program. Later, Vargas goes back to his cell and recalls telling Nick he'll protect him for now but Nick will one day pay him back for the three years of his life he cost him.

In the park, Nick confirms he doesn't want Will raising the baby because he's gay. Will whines, wondering how it's best for his daughter to be without her father. "You really hate me that much because I'm gay?" Will asks. Nick doesn't hate him. He's just protecting the baby. Will starts yelling and Nick reminds him he was ready to let him and Gabi raise the baby in the past. Will remarks about his confusion changing once he saw the sonogram. Nick warned him he'd develop an emotional connection. Nick thinks it'd be hard on his daughter to see him in and out of bed with multiple partners baffling Will who reminds him he's with Sonny. "You two want something to love, get a dog," Nick cracks. Will calls him sick. "You and Sonny - that's what's sick," Nick snarks. He stalks off and Will kicks over the bench in anger.

Kate pointedly asks Sonny at the cafe, if something is going on in Will's life she needs to know about. He says Will's just getting over all the recent issues but is fine. He goes to make coffee and Will arrives. Kate claims she knows all about his problems and wants to help. Sonny rescues Nick and Kate runs off. Will says Sonny was right. Nick's a bigot. Sonny says he's hiding behind fear but what is he afraid of?

In the pub, Gabi tells Rafe that Nick shuts down when his time in prison is brought up. Rafe read Nick's file and knows he was stabbed. Gabi sighs but Rafe points out he was looking out for her. He wonders why Nick never told anyone the name of the person who stabbed him. Rafe gives Gabi his blessing to marry as Nick returns. He and Gabi canoodle and Gabi says Rafe read his prison file. Why did he covered up the name of the inmate who stabbed him? Nick wants to forget the past and wants to think of their future. He gives her an outfit for the baby that reads, "Daddy's little girl."

In bed during lovemaking, Sami reminds EJ he said he'd do anything for her. She wants Nick gone. This makes EJ hot and things get even more passionate. She'll do anything to protect her son. EJ clarifies. "You want him dead, right?" He grabs her and they kiss. She considers it but there must be another way. EJ wonders if she can live with it if there is no other way but murder. She says maybe she shouldn't have asked since he's trying to be a better man for her. EJ thinks if they can make it look as though Nick has broken the conditions of his parole, he'd be back in jail. Each knows a guy who can help. Sami would be "ever so grateful." They go at it again. He points out that it turns her on to plot murder. He turns her on because he's so powerful. EJ thinks their idea for Nick has holes in it. They plot and have sex again.

Eric returns to the rectory and while Nicole starts slamming drawers and banging things around, Chloe talks about volunteering for the music committee and going to church with Daniel and Parker. She and Eric leave and Chloe returns to point out a mistake in a flyer where Nicole typed 'sex' instead of 'six'. "Somebody's not getting any!" Chloe leaves and Eric returns. Nicole accuses Chloe of using Eric to score points with Daniel. Eric thinks he finally understands the depths of what's wrong with her.

Hope meets Rafe at SPD. He brings up Nick, his time in prison and how it affected him.

Sneak peek!

Brady lets Victor and Maggie know that he's moving into the DiMera mansion with Kristen.

John returns and interrupts a sexy moment.

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