The DiMera Solution.

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Kristen gives EJ advice, Sami wants something, and Will confronts Nick.

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At his place, Rafe brings Kate coffee in bed. She can't believe she slept there all night. He starts seducing her and she asks, "What are we doing?" He's a cop and she's Stefano DiMera's nefarious ex-wife. Rafe doesn't want to dissect what they're doing. Kate grins and starts making love to him. Afterward, they flirt.

Hope visits Gabi at the hospital. Nick invites her to their wedding. Hope asks if he has told his parole officer he's getting hitched. Nick snaps. Gabi calms him down and he apologizes. It's been a rough few days. Hope would love to attend and leaves while Gabi asks Nick what his problem is. He covers and opens up about how horrible it was in prison. He couldn't breathe and doesn't like to think of it or the losers he met there. Gabi convinces him he's not like them.

Kristen follows EJ into his office discussing Stefano's return but EJ's distracted. There's a problem with Samantha and he's torn with how best to deal with it. Kristen suggests using the DiMera solution for dealing with little nobodies. He finds that extreme though it's crossed his mind. He figures he'll lose Sami if he does that. He already lost Sami to Rafe once and wants to convince her he's a good man. Kristen laughs. "A better man," he says grinning.

Sami goes to Eric at the rectory and gives him a donation - EJ's idea. They'll have to name something after him. Maybe the gym. "That whole EJ DiMera chapel won't fly," Eric snarks. Sami swats him and defends EJ. Eric asks if she needs glasses and reminds her a few short weeks ago she said the same good things about Rafe. Sami yells that Rafe turned his back on her when he learned Will was Gabi's baby daddy. Eric's not happy to learn Sami's sleeping with EJ. She tells him about the train-wreck that is Nick and what's been going on with Gabi. Eric asks her to give Rafe another chance before moving on with 'a guy like EJ'. She says it's too late and she's happy with EJ.

Sonny and Will wake up in Will's dorm. Sonny attempts to convince Will that Nick doesn't think gay people should be parents. He's a user. Will's positive Sonny's got to be wrong about this. If not, he just signed a document stating he's fine with his daughter being raised by a bigot. He muses that EJ looked at the documents and there was no way out. Sonny snarks, "My dad says that EJ's a lawyer the way that Snooki's an actress."

Back at Rafe's, he gets a text from Gabi, who needs him. Kate encourages him to go to her.

On his way to see Gabi, Rafe bumps into Sami at the square. He tells her Gabi's being released today. She's glad. It's tense. He wants to clear the air. No hard feelings? They discuss spoiling the baby when she comes and Sami says she'd like to. He leaves and she realizes he doesn't know what Will was forced to do.

Eric, Abe, and Hope discuss the prison mentoring system at SPD. They leave Eric to talk to Vargas.

Rafe meets Gabi and Nick at the pub, where he's told they're marrying with or without his blessing. Rafe'll be there. Nick gets messages from Will, who is outside and wants to talk. He runs out there while Rafe tries to convince Gabi to wait.

Chad meets Kristen at her hotel. She's packed and moving into the "House of Frankenstein" with Brady. He's shocked. He mopes about being alone and she invites him to move in with her. He'll consider it.

Sami goes to her office where she finds EJ working. She kisses him and asks him to take him somewhere "where Diane won't hear me scream." They head to a hotel and make love. Sami reminds him he said he'd do anything for her. She wants to get rid of Nick. Things get even more passionate...

Kate drops by the cafe and after noticing Sonny's glum expression, asks why he looks like his worst nightmare has come true.

Nick follows Will to the park and Will confronts him. Nick admits Sonny's right. He doesn't think Will should be raising his daughter because he's gay.

Sneak peek!

Will tears into Nick after he admits his homophobia is the reason he doesn't want Will around the baby.

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