Missing Teeth.

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Jenn asks Daniel to take a break, Nancy and Chloe start scheming, and Sami feels guilty.

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At Jenn's, she asks Daniel to take a break from their relationship for a while before Chloe kills whatever they have. "Love," he says, they have love. He's shocked to hear that Chloe dragged Abby's dead father into their fight. Jenn says Chloe's obsessed and she knows what Chloe wants. Daniel has to go but on his way out, he rushes back to Jenn with a lingering kiss. They profess their love for each other before he goes. Jenn rushes to the door thinking maybe love is enough, but Daniel's gone.

Nancy calls Chloe from her place, excited that she's going to be visiting. Chloe's unsure this is a good time considering she's had no success so far winning Daniel back. Nancy vows her daughter will get her man back.

In Gabi's room at the hospital, she tells Rafe she's calling her baby Arianna Grace. Kate drops by to check on Gabi and the baby but is given the cold shoulder. Rafe defends Kate but Gabi's upset that Kate was hard on Nick during negotiations. Kate counters that he was hard on her too but she respected that. She hands over a gift card to a spa day and Gabi softens. In another room, Nick asks Will to sign the document relinquishing his parental rights to his baby. Will considers his options and Sami asks everyone to leave while she and Nick talk. Sami offers to sign a paper stating she'll stay out of the baby's life if he'll let Will be a part of the baby's life. Nick realizes Sami means it but knows she'll never change. Sami begs. Nick goes off on her and she tells him he has no rights to this child. He doesn't deserve to raise any child, she yells. She gasps and says she didn't mean it but he knows better. Outside, Will asks EJ if he can spare his family if he comes clean. EJ is sorry but Lucas, Hope and Bo would be dragged down with him. Outside, Will understands where Nick's coming from. Nick comes up with the document and while Sami bawls, he signs. The notary takes it and leaves and Nick asks everyone to keep this quiet. Lucas reminds Nick that his great-grandfather built this hospital. He concludes that Nick's not a Horton. EJ reminds him he defended him in court during his murder case. Will's like a son to him. EJ makes a veiled threat but Nick claims he's unafraid. Sami comforts Will and takes the blame but Will tells her he's to blame. Sonny takes him home while Lucas tells Sami this isn't her fault. EJ holds Sami while she asks how anybody could be so cruel. Meanwhile, Abigail practically knocks over a shelving unit when she finds Cameron in his boxers in the doctor's lounge. She gasps, apologizes, and then tears up as she tells him about the cat fight. "I hope she's missing teeth," Cameron jokes. Abigail cries that it should have been her on that elevator, not Jack. Cameron consoles her with a pep talk and a kiss. They make a date for the next day. Nick goes to Gabi to tell her their problems are over. What did he do? He tells her he did what he had to and now, he wants to marry her. Gabi's thrilled.

Daniel arrives home in a mood. Chloe asks if he has made a decision about the ultimatum. He doesn't want to discuss it. Chloe babbles about Parker missing his daddy and Daniel accuses her of enjoying making him feel guilty. He tells her she'd better get her mother here as soon as possible until they get a nanny. Chloe gets her mother on the phone and sets plans in motion. Daniel tells her to stay away from Jennifer and Abigail and takes off for the hotel.

EJ tries to get Sami to leave the office but she's too busy feeling sorry for herself. She lashes out, telling him she doesn't need him but apologizes and sobs in his arms.

Sonny and Will wind up at the dorm, where Will stares at the sonogram photo while Sonny holds him. Sonny still wants him to talk to Justin but Will thinks it's now a moot point. He defends Nick and Sonny says Nick played them all. His real motivation is that he's homophobic.

Abby arrives home feeling better. She feels responsible for Jenn and Daniel breaking up. Jenn assures her she's not the one at fault.

Nancy calls Daniel from home and tells him she's excited to care for Parker. She heard about what's been going on and offers to help Chloe move on from him. Daniel's relieved. They hang up and Nancy calls Chloe, telling her their plan is already working.

Rafe and Kate have sex at his place until a call comes in from SPD. Duty calls but he wants her to stay so they can resume what they started later.

Sneak peek!

Sami asks EJ to help her get rid of Nick!

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