Ratting Yourself Out.

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Gabi picks out a name for her baby, Nick wants Will to sign away rights to his daughter, and Jenn takes a break from Daniel.

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Nicole goes to confession thinking she's talking to Father Matt. She starts to confide about her sins and feelings that are out of bounds until she hears Eric's voice encouraging her to go on. She runs. He follows, but she shuts him down. There are some things she can't talk to him about, not as a priest or a friend. Eric seems satisfied and has to toddle off for a meeting. Sister Margaret arrives and Nicole asks if she thinks it's weird ratting herself out to her boss while in confession. Margaret claims opening up can be very cleansing. Nicole finds this helpful and leaves to clear her head. Eric returns looking for her.

At the square, Dan hugs Chloe as Jenn comforts Abby. Abe has called the cops. Rafe shows up and Chloe decides not to press charges. Daniel appreciates it. Abe apologizes and Rafe gets a statement while Daniel examines Chloe's arm. She sighs when Daniel goes to make sure Abigail's fine. He's sorry about what happened but gets the cold shoulder from Jenn who takes Abby home.

In the hospital, Gabi dreams Sami has taken her baby away from her. In another room, Sami continues to threaten Nick when EJ interrupts. Nick leaves and EJ admits he can't tell Sami what Gabi did last summer.

Lucas, Will and Sonny discuss Nick's blackmail. Will says he hasn't a choice and must turn himself in. Nick texts to meet and they all head out.

EJ drags Sami to the park. If he shares what Gabi did, Chad will go to jail. She freaks out and wants to call Will but can't find her cell phone. EJ calms her down and gets her to agree to stop threatening Nick.

Back at the hospital, Nick mumbles to a sleeping Gabi that he'll take care of her and the baby. Sonny, Will, and Lucas turn up. Nick tells them that he has a recorded confession that Will shot EJ and Lucas hid it. Just as Will decides he'll turn himself in, Sami and EJ walk up. Nick fills them in. Sami learns the truth but EJ tries to get Will to stay quiet. Sami takes a cell phone from the table while everyone's talking. Nick says he had no problem with Will until his family got involved. EJ goes to make a call and urges Will to keep quiet until he returns. Nick assumes EJ's calling a DiMera hit man. Sami starts in on Nick and is positive Gabi won't go along with Nick's blackmail. Nick says if anyone's responsible for Will losing his rights to his baby, it's Sami. Meanwhile, Gabi wakes up with Rafe sitting next to her. She tells him about her nightmare and he assures her he's looking out for her. He calls their mother, who is lighting candles and praying. Gabi wants to name her baby Arianna Grace. Rafe's touched and chokes up. Back in a waiting room, the arguing continues. Nick points out that Will's daughter could have a fighting chance at a stable life if Sami wasn't a part of it. A man arrives with documents for Will to sign away rights to his daughter. Will takes the document and a pen...

Abby and Jenn arrive home with Abby apologizing. She fills her mother in on Chloe provoking her by using Jack's death against her. Jennifer's appalled and Abby's ashamed. Jenn makes her some tea and Abby worries that Cameron will hear all about it.

Daniel returns home to Chloe and Parker. He asks what happened and she lies. Daniel finds it out of character for Abigail to go over the edge that way. Chloe says their nanny prospects are not looking good. She has an idea to have her mother come stay with her for a few weeks. Nancy would be a good go-between, since Jenn wants him to cut off contact with her. Daniel never agreed to cut off contact with her but he'll consider having Nancy take care of Parker.

Abby arrives at the hospital looking for Cameron. She finds him in nothing but his jockeys in the doctor's lounge and gasps. He tries hiding himself.

Nicole sits at the square, alone, telling herself that Eric wouldn't judge her if he knew her feelings for him. She vows to make her feelings disappear.

Daniel shows up on Jenn's doorstep with an apology. Jenn thinks it's time they take a break for a while.

Sneak peek!

Chloe puts a call in to her mother, asking Nancy to return to Salem in order to help her get Daniel back.

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