I Think He Has Dirt.

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Abby and Chloe get into a fight, Sami lays a shocker on Nick, and Nicole goes to confession.

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Nicole walks into the rectory and replays Eric's attack in her mind. She can't wait until they throw that thug in jail, she asserts. Father Matt interrupts. Eric takes off for a school meeting and Nicole defers to Father Matt about this prison outreach program. He wonders if something else is bothering her and offers confession. She considers it and then considers having a drink!

Sami paces her office and recalls Nick's warning to her. She snarls and is about to leave when Lucas arrives. She recounts her conversation with Nick to her ex and tells Lucas something Nick said set off alarm bells. Lucas looks grim. "I think he has dirt," Sami yells. Lucas decides he'll go to Nick to get the answers they need. He leaves and Sami thinks of an argument with Rafe and goes to the hospital.

Will wakes up in his dorm room. He and Sonny discuss Nick's knowledge and what he'll do with it. Sonny hopes Nick's yanking Will's chain. He calls Nick crazy. Sonny looked it up. He learned the statute of limitations isn't up. Will needs a good lawyer. He suggests they talk to his father and to Gabi. Lucas arrives and Will tells him about Nick's blackmail. Will thinks Nick had them under surveillance and wants to be the only father his daughter knows. Will says everything was fine until Sami came along. Will muses that he may have to give up his daughter.

At the hospital, Nick has a nightmare about a prisoner threatening him. He wakes up with a start to Hope hovering. They leave Gabi's room and discuss being in prison and doing what you have to in order to survive. Hope defends Sami to him but he calls the Brady family trouble. Nick goes to see Gabi, who is awake. Flowers sit at the foot of her bed. They're from Sami, so she gets uptight and Nick rips up the card. He assures Gabi Sami isn't going to be a problem anymore. He brings up cutting Will out of their life but she can't. He'll convince Will and Sami that this is good for Gabi, at least until after the baby is born. Hope sits with Gabi while Nick rests in the waiting room and makes a call to find out if some papers are signed yet. They need to be filed with a judge today. Sami arrives and slams the door to a private room behind her. Nearby, Eric visits Gabi and talks to Hope about the prison outreach program. She likes the idea and gives him advice. Meanwhile, Sami and Nick go at it until Nick gets a slap across the face for calling Sami a bitch. He apologizes and she wants him to stop "talking smack." Sami plans on using Gabi's past against her if he doesn't. "I know what she did last summer," Sami says.

At the square, Abigail's confident that Daniel agreed to Jennifer's request that he cut ties with Chloe. Abby makes fun of Chloe's "trailer park" clothing, calling her "trash." Chloe grabs her and calls her a hypocrite. She is betraying her father. Abby's voice gets higher and she starts to cry.

Jennifer and Daniel start kissing at her place and take their passion to the sofa. They almost make love until Daniel stops. "It shouldn't happen this way," he says, claiming she deserves better than jumping on the sofa like teenagers. "It's okay my parents aren't home," she says. They decide instead to go for ice cream.

Back at the square, Chloe calls it disrespectful that Jenn has already moved on so soon after Jack's death. Abby yells for Chloe to stop but she keeps it up. Abe watches nearby as Chloe asks if Abby's getting back at Jack for abandoning her. "You vicious slut, take that back," Abby yells, strangling Chloe. Jenn and Daniel walk by and break it up. Chloe claims she was trying to apologize when Abby attacked her. Abby tells Jenn that Chloe used Jack against her.

A prisoner sits in his cell, marking off the days until March 15, when he gets out.

Nicole goes to confession, thinking she's confessing to Father Matt, but it's really Father Eric.

Sneak peek!

Jenn breaks up with Daniel.

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