You Blew It, Lady.

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Sonny supports Will in his time of need, Maxine helps to calm Gabi down, and Sami feels guilty.

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The hospital is in chaos with Gabi yelling from her room while going into labor and Sami attempting to explain herself to everyone else. Nick worries the baby won't make it and Rafe has to prevent Nick from going at Sami. Sami swears this isn't her fault. EJ walks up and Nick sneers. Will demands Sami leave. Meanwhile, Maxine holds Gabi's hand while Kayla explains Cameron's going to inject her with a drug to stop labor. EJ takes Sami into a private room so she can explain what happened. Sami has had four children. Since when do women go into premature labor over fighting? EJ comforts her.

After sex at Kristen's, Brady shows her a brochure for a condo. She sucks in a breath and suggests they move into the DiMera mansion. She promised her father she would. Brady laughs and hits her with the brochure. She's serious. "It's never happening." She's surprised he cares about what other people think. He wouldn't if he was moving into the home of someone mildly evil like Al Capone or Adolf Hitler. Victor's hardly citizen of the year, she argues. He knows but Victor would have a stroke if he moved in there with her. They debate and he takes off. Kristen's floored. She overplayed her hand. Miffed, she says she'll just have to tell him she was playing him.

At the cafe, Kate flashes to sex with Rafe and grins to herself. Sonny teases her, thinking that must be a delicious coffee. She's sorry he and Will didn't get back together. When Lucas arrives, she fills him in on Sami's request for a paternity test. Lucas tried to tell Sami to make nice. Kate says it's not working. He will try again. He takes a call from Sami about Gabi and he and Kate rush to the hospital. Sonny overhears and rushes out with his apron still on.

Back at the hospital, Rafe tries to console Will, who cries that he's being punished for almost signing over his rights to his child. Rafe says it's not his fault. He's going to be a good dad. Will figures he'll think of what Sami would do in a situation and do the opposite. They laugh. Inside Gabi's room, she panics. Maxine urges her to breathe through the contractions until they stop. Maxine shares that this happened to her during her first pregnancy. Her child's now a chemistry major at Salem U. Gabi starts to calm down. Kate and Lucas arrive for support. Sonny turns up. In another room, EJ asks Sami to stay out of everyone's way. She feels guilty. Lucas interrupts with an update and Sami blames herself. By Gabi's room, Sonny and Will embrace. Will's glad he's there. Sonny lightens Will's mood while Rafe and Kate feel powerless nearby. Maxine tells the family the contractions haven't stopped yet. In another room, EJ gives Sami and Lucas space so Sami can explain. Lucas calls her selfish. She knows. She's sorry and starts to cry. Lucas calms down. Meanwhile, in Gabi's room, Maxine, Kay, Cam and Gabi say a prayer. Gabi settles right down. In the waiting room, Rafe and Kate discuss Sami. They joke about locking Sami in a room until the baby's born. EJ asks Will if there's news and receives an update about the injection. Kate goes to Nick's side. He didn't know what family meant until now. Kate calls Gabi a lucky girl. In another room, Sami begs Lucas to let her go to the waiting room. She'll be good. They head over there and Will ignores her. Everyone waits for news. Finally, Kayla and Cameron tell them contractions have stopped and there's no reason Gabi can't go to term. Dehydration caused the contractions, in addition to stress. Everyone's gaze falls on Sami. Sonny takes Will back to the cafe, and EJ goes to get the car, telling Sami not to talk to anyone while he's gone. She sits alone in a room nearby the waiting room where Nick finds her. Kate and Rafe agree to get together later and "talk." EJ walks up and smirks about that being a "beautiful moment" between Rafe and his step-mother. In another room, Sami calls Marlena with an update. She hangs up when Nick goes to her, telling her, "You blew it, lady."

Will and Sonny arrive at the cafe. Will heads to the men's room and Sonny spots a letter to him hanging from Will's backpack. He reads it, learning Will's asking for another chance.

Kristen goes to Brady's. "I need to tell you something. It's really important," she starts.

Sneak peek!

Sonny and Will reunite.

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