A Line In The Sand.

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Daniel hears Jennifer out, Gabi suffers a crisis, and Eric hugs Nicole.

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At the pub, Gabi experiences pains when Will, Sami, and Rafe argue. Sami rolls her eyes. Rafe tells Sami to get the hell out of there. She steps away. Gabi says she's okay now. Nick arrives. Sami suggests Gabi should rest. Angry, Rafe takes Sami aside. Will and Nick think Gabi should get checked out. Gabi smiles - the baby kicked. Nick learns she was upset by Sami. Nick orders Sami to leave right now. Sami says she won't back off until there's a paternity test. She starts to leave and Gabi gets bad pains again.

At the hospital, Abby tells Cameron she knows he asked about The Golden Circle Club. Cameron says everything makes sense now that he knows. He thought they broke up because she was mourning her father before, but there was more to it. Abby blurts that she's a virgin. Cameron gets called away. Soon, Gabi is brought in. Rafe orders Sami to stay out of the way. Sami tells Will, "You have to know I wouldn't do anything to hurt your child." He doesn't know that. They argue. He says if something happens to the baby he'll never forgive her. Sami cries and reassures him. Nearby, Nick thinks about the recorded evidence and tells Rafe he should have shut this down before now. Kayla's with Cameron and Gabi and tells her the baby seems fine - she may be dehydrated. They'll do more tests. Kayla and Cameron tell Nick he can go in and warns everyone they need to rule out premature labor. Nick goes in and tells Gabi he'll protect her. He then watches Will and Sami, who tells Will and Rafe she's learned her lesson. They both encourage her to leave. When they're distracted, Sami decides to apologize to Gabi. Gabi doesn't know what she did to make her yell at her. Sami reassures her and Gabi starts having pain again. Everyone blames Sami when Gabi goes into labor. Nick panics. "The baby won't make it."

Chloe arrives at the Kiriakis mansion to pick up Parker and asks Maggie if she's talked to Daniel. Maggie says Daniel wasn't too thrilled with her baiting Jennifer. Maggie says she knew what she was doing - like when she got Victor to kick her out. She informs Chloe that Daniel is over her. Chloe complains that everyone thinks Jennifer is a saint. Maggie says it's stupid of her to talk to her about this. After, Abby arrives and Chloe informs her that she and Parker moved into Daniel's apartment. Abby says, "Unbelievable." She leaves.

At home, Jennifer asks Daniel to have no contact with Chloe. Daniel doesn't know how that would work with shared custody. Jenn suggests the nanny and Maggie mediate. Daniel says Chloe is the mother of his son and he believes Jenn is overreacting. Jenn says he's wrong. Daniel asks Jenn to trust him. Jenn argues he needs to set boundaries or she'll chip away at it until they have nothing left. Daniel refuses to cut off contact with Chloe. Jenn says she's using Parker to hold onto him. Daniel can't give Jenn what she wants right now, but he tells her he'll think about it. She feels it's the only way. They agree to talk in the morning. They exchange 'I love yous' and he goes. Later, Abby enters ranting about Chloe moving in with Daniel. Jenn says Daniel moved into a hotel. She shares that she drew a line in the sand when it comes to Chloe.

In the rectory, Nicole sobs over the unconscious Eric and tells him he can't die - she loves him. He wakes. Nic gets on the phone with the police, but Eric stops her from calling an ambulance. He hugs her - it's okay, it's over. He says he heard how scared she was. She asks what he heard. Roman and his posse arrive. Nicole says Eric saved her life. Roman talks about finding the guy - it may take time. Nicole flashes to telling Rafe she's leaving town. Roman and Nicole insist Eric see a doctor. Eric calls Nicole his guardian angel.

In the square, Daniel takes a call from Chloe who is about to put Parker to bed. She gets Parker to say he misses him and then invites Daniel to come tuck him in. Daniel declines and says they'll need to talk tomorrow.

Sneak Peek!

Nick corners Sami and unleashes his fury.

Family and friends wait to hear the news on Gabi's crisis.

Will and Sonny grow close over the baby crisis.

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