Delusional Fog.

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Chloe and Jenn face-off, Julie confronts Sami, and Eric's in danger.

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At the pub, Julie overhears Gabi asking Cameron's advice about a paternity test. Julie wonders why she'd need one. Cameron meets Julie and then goes. Gabi tells Julie that Will won't back down about a paternity test. Julie sighs that this has Sami Brady written all over it, and warns she won't back down. She reassures Gabi and then tells herself she'll make sure everything's fine.

At the hospital, Abby learns from a nurse that she told Cameron that The Golden Circle Club is a group of high school kids who wait until marriage to have sex.

Jennifer is making her way across the square toward Daniel and Parker when Abe and Theo stop her. When she finishes talking to them, Daniel's disappeared. Chloe appears and says they need to talk. Jennifer calls Chloe out on her manipulations. Chloe accuses her of being insecure and drops her sexy new lingerie so Jenn sees it. Jenn says she won't get what she wants and calls her desperate and needy. Chloe claims she's only brought Daniel his son. Jenn tells her she's living in a delusional fog. She says she's a good mother, but shouldn't go after a man who doesn't want her. Chloe insists she's just trying to get Parker time with Daniel. They bicker and Jenn says Chloe obviously believes Daniel will choose her. Chloe says Daniel won't push her away because of their son, and he likes her in lingerie.

Nicole finds Rafe in the cafe and tells him she's leaving Salem. He doesn't want her to go and digs for the reason. He wonders if there's 'tension' with Eric. Nicole rambles about bad memories and a clean break. Rafe says he'll miss her. They have a laugh about Sami. She asks if his bender had to do with her. He denies it. They hug and Nicole goes.

Eric kneels down to pray in the church and finds himself with a gun to his head. The guy orders him to open the safe. Eric tries to talk, but the guy gets violent. Eric opens the safe and argues with the guy about God and addiction. The guy becomes irritated and threatening. Nicole walks in and the gunman grabs her. She takes off her jewelry but argues about her mother's necklace. The guy threatens to kill her. Eric makes his move and saves her, but the guy then knocks him out with a cross. Nicole sees blood and begs him not to die. "I love you."

Abby joins Gabi at the pub and asks if she's seen Cameron. Gabi wonders what's wrong. Abby's worried about Cameron knowing she's a virgin and thinking she's a freak.

At her office, Sami tells Will she was off-base about the engagement and ended up feeling silly. She asks if he has paternity test results. Will says Gabi hasn't taken one yet. Sami warns him she could just marry Nick and put his name on the birth certificate. Will says he's handling it and Sami shouldn't try to take over. Will says they want to establish the test is safe first. Sami urges him to get on with it. Julie appears and tells Sami she needs to back off about the paternity test. Sami thinks Gabi sent her. Julie denies it. Will takes Julie's side. Sami promises to try to back off. Julie tells Will she's proud of him and leaves. Sami slips out while Will's in the other room.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie tells Daniel that she and Victor are making the changes Chloe requested in the house, but she deliberately pushed Victor's buttons to get thrown out - and get closer to him. Daniel asks Maggie to trust him. They bicker about Jennifer. Daniel says she should have apologized. Maggie says she did - didn't he get her message? Daniel starts to put everything together. He gets a text to meet Jenn. Maggie urges him not to screw it up.

Chloe goes to Anne's and tells her that Daniel got a hotel room and she fought with Jennifer - she's worried she overplayed her hand. She talks about wanting Parker to have a stable home with both parents. Anne says Jennifer will turn Daniel against her.

At the Horton house, Daniel and Jennifer sort things out. They both apologize. Jenn says she's had a gutload of Chloe lately. He knows. They decide to stop talking and kiss. Daniel wants another getaway, but Jenn wants to talk about Chloe first - he needs to clarify to her that there is no chance for them. She asks him to have no contact with Chloe.

Sami finds Gabi at the pub and accuses her of sending Julie to do her dirty work. Will appears - he knew Sami would do this. They all argue about whether a paternity test would hurt the baby. Sami suggests they go to the hospital now. Rafe appears and argues with Sami. He threatens her with a restraining order. Gabi gets a pain.

Cameron says goodbye to Abe and Theo at the hospital. Abby shows up wanting to talk.

Sneak Peek!

Gabi's rushed into the hospital.

Sami's attempt at an apology makes things worse for Gabi.

Abby has a confession for Cam.

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