It's A Cubic Zirconia!

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Sami's humiliated, Will is disappointed, Kate and Rafe ban together, and Nick plants a seed of doubt in Gabi's head.

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Cameron arrives to Abby's place on time for their date with sweets for her. There are boxes everywhere. They're donating Jack's things. Cam finds a box marked with Abby's name and finds a card from an old admirer from high school. He looks "Stuart" up in the yearbook and then asks what the golden circle club is. Abby plotzes and drops a tray full of tea and crumpets. Cam gets a page and before he leaves, Abby grabs his face and kisses him. He goes and she rolls her eyes at herself.

Will goes to Sonny at the cafe to thank him for the mp3 player. Sonny apologizes. He meant to cancel it but insists he keep it. Their hands touch and things get awkward. They start to bond over the playlist and reminisce until Brian spoils the mood. Will takes off and Brian and Sonny laugh over plans to go rock-climbing.

Gabi and Nick are her place discussing whether or not Will wants full custody of the kid. "Now that the other gay boy is back in the picture, there is no way this is going to work," Nick says, making Gabi wonder if he wants to keep the baby away from Will and Sonny because they're gay. Nick denies it and has a plan that he refuses to discuss. He alludes to there being a secret but again won't tell her. It sounds like blackmail to her. Later, Nick's gone when Will arrives. He tells her about what happened with Sonny. Gabi says to give Sonny time, but Sonny's with Brian now. Will muses that it's for the best. He can focus on school and their daughter. Did she make an appointment for the paternity test? She will. He just wants there to be no misunderstandings. Gabi worries.

Kate drops in on Rafe in his office. He wants to discuss Sami.

In her office, Sami can't believe EJ did "all this." He says Diane from accounting takes credit. Sami's confused. He asks her to give it a shot. They've nothing to lose - it's not like they're making a lifetime commitment. He says the ring will tarnish eventually. Sami's more befuddled and he laughs. "It's a cubic zirconia!" She's disappointed. He shows her several more rings and she's still puzzled. "Are you alright?" EJ asks. She's not. He tells her it's for a nail polish ad campaign. "The Gemstone Collection." Sami's mortified. She explains finding the ring in his coat and thought he was going to propose. EJ thinks an engagement at this point would have been too forward. She's embarrassed. He holds her and reassures her and they end up in a kiss. He locks the door and they have sex and some pillow talk.

Kate and Rafe arrive at Mandalay. Kate thinks they should stick to soft drinks. Rafe updates Kate about Sami's demands for a paternity test. Sami's worried Gabi will put Nick's name on the birth certificate to tie things up in court. Kate's surprised but sees their point. She trusts Gabi and Rafe and knows Will is going to do the right thing. Nick's the problem. Kate convinces Rafe to take a meeting with Nick. Later, Nick shows up. He starts to talk business. "No," Kate says. "I didn't call you here to talk business." Rafe smirks, "It's personal." Kate says they support each parent's right to be a part of the child's life but they worry Nick may have an ulterior motive. Nick laughs. He's uneasy. He just wants to protect the baby. Rafe reminds him that his prison record will become a liability if this goes to court. Rafe knows what happened to him in prison.

Cameron goes to a nurse at the hospital and asks if she was in the golden circle club in high school. She threatens sexual harassment but soon realizes he doesn't even know what the club is. She fills him in that it's a club for those waiting for marriage to have sex.

In the park, Sonny and Brian finish their date with a kiss and agree to do it again soon. Sonny immediately flashes to taking Will rock-climbing.

Sneak peek!

Kristen has second thoughts about using Brady.

One of Nick's old prison mates starts to count the days until his release.

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