John Black's Spawn.

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Hope supports Jenn, Lucas and Will ponder who texted Lucas, and Stefano reveals he's returning to Salem soon.

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Kristen hides under the covers in her hotel room. She's disgusted with herself for getting drunk last night. Brady says it's fine. She brings up marriage - he's keeping something from her. His head spins. He wants to discuss it later. He leaves for work and Stefano calls. He's coming home soon. She's distant. He thinks it must be about "John Black's spawn." She grumps that Brady's keeping something from her. She thought her research was so thorough. He tells her not to forget about the prize.

Parker wakes Daniel at the hospital by throwing blocks at him. Daniel laughs and Chloe shows up with a new cell phone all programmed - she told the dealer she was his wife. She remembers all his passwords and tells him nothing has changed. Some things have, he reminds her. He can't find a message from Jenn, and looks pensive. He goes to the nurse's station to check his messages. Chloe flashes to trashing Jenn's. Kayla says Parker's ready to go home.

Hope arrives to see her "cuz" at the Horton household. Jenn tells about the mess as they eat cookies. Hope reassures her "cuz" and advises her not to make assumptions on how he's feeling. She should go see him.

Will meets Lucas at the park. Tad didn't send the text message so Lucas again blames Nick. Meanwhile, Nick listens in from Gabi's room. She walks in and hears Will's voice. He covers. Gabi lies down.

Kate wakes up nude and with a hangover at Rafe's place. "Oh my God," she whispers when she finds Rafe naked beside her. He awakens and she calls it a mistake. Rafe's not so sure. She gazes at him and says, "What the hell." They start up again. Kate doesn't think this makes any sense. They could end up on opposite sides with Gabi and Will. Rafe reminds her she agreed to talk to Sami. She will but she doesn't trust Nick. Rafe agrees to keep an eye on him. Kate gets ready to leave and tells her where to find the extra key to lock up. They banter playfully. She didn't think he trusted her. He jokes that he doesn't. He's moving when she leaves!

Back at the park, Will asks Lucas to keep this from Sami. They argue about whether or not the person who sent the text is blowing smoke. Later, Will opens a mysterious package.

Chloe and Parker settle in to Daniel's apartment while Daniel goes to pick up some things for Parker. Jenn knocks. Chloe answers and tells her Daniel's gone momentarily. She lies that when he returns, they're spending the day together. They go back and forth about Jenn lying to her. Jenn knows she and Anne were at Inferno, knowing she and Dan would be there. Chloe acts outraged and Jenn tells her this isn't going to help her get Daniel back. Chloe shuts the door in her face and Daniel walks up. They try to talk but don't get very far and Parker's cries draw Dan inside. He offers Chloe some food before bringing Parker his cherry juice.

At Gabi's, Nick tells her she doesn't have to take the paternity test. It's better for now if Will thinks they're on his side. Nick tells her he thinks Sonny's pressuring Will but he'll deal with it.

Daniel meets Brady at the square and hands over his cell phone. Daniel touches upon having a rough night last night.

Nick goes to Hope's office to groan about Sami pushing Will to go for custody of the baby. They discuss rules of evidence with Family Court and Nick's wheels start spinning.

Rafe wakes Gabi up at home. She's having issues sleeping and tells him Sami's coming after her. Rafe's mad and knows who to talk to.

Brady returns to Kristen's. He tells her he can't marry her - ever.

Jenn returns to the hospital and worries to Kayla that Dan won't forgive her for making a mistake.

Sneak peek!

Several couples are put to Cupid's test.

Sami finds a surprise on her desk.

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