Dolls Hooked Up To Machines.

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Rafe and Kate commiserate, Sami waits for EJ to give her the ring, and Chloe turns the tables on Jenn.

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At the rectory, Nicole fantasizes about kissing Eric but tells him she wants out of this life and away from him. She's going clubbing. He begs her not to.

Rafe downs a few drinks at Mandalay, flashing to Sami gloating about sex with EJ.

Sami finds a ring in EJ's jacket pocket at home. EJ returns to the room and gets on his knees. He has something important to ask her. She stammers. He asks where Johnny's dinosaur is. He looks under the sofa but finds it in the fridge. She attempts to get him to talk about their plans tomorrow. He realizes she 'knows' and she squirms as he takes something from his pocket. It's his cell phone. He shows her how profitable they've been at work. Is that his big surprise? He says one of a few. He can tell she's disappointed. She must be ready for the next big step. She stammers that she is and he goes back to his pocket and takes out... lipstick. Allie and her babysitter arrive. Paula agrees to stay so EJ can take Sami out.

From the pub, Kate's drinking a martini when Stefano calls. They talk about their tax deductions and he puts her down.

At the hospital, Jennifer admits she lied to Chloe about where they were tonight. Kayla interrupts. Parker's awake so they rush into his room. Parker will be kept overnight for observation. Jenn sees Anne at the elevator and gets on her case about what she and Chloe were up to tonight. Later, Daniel finds Jenn and she explains herself. She feels terrible but isn't sorry she lied to Chloe, who was up to one of her tricks. "So?" Daniel wouldn't have let it happen. They argue. Dan sits with Parker later, and Chloe gets them coffee.

Rafe interrupts Eric and Nicole's discussion at the rectory to rant about Sami. He worries for the children. Eric will talk to Sami. Rafe should go home. Rafe takes a good look at Nicole's outfit. She's looking good. He invites her for a drink at Club Inferno. She says she'll follow. Eric is disgusted with her. He's sorry. He doesn't expect her to live the way he does. Nicole doesn't think he has a reason to apologize. They both tear up. He has faith in her, making her wish she saw in herself what he sees. She goes to bed and dreams Eric's with her.

Rafe boozes it up at Mandalay, where Kate's nursing a martini. They discuss Sami and Gabi and realize they're on the same side. Kate's tipsy and her drink is empty. Rafe buys her another. They compliment each other on being good people. Rafe calls her a tough independent woman and she laughs. "Makes me sound like a battle axe." Rafe starts to laugh. She's beautiful. She rails about Stefano. Rafe calls him an idiot. "He's a freak who has spent too much time in pyramids with dolls hooked up to machines." They talk about how Stefano blackmailed her into marriage but he turned out to be the love of her life. "Gross," Rafe says, "You're better off." Rafe walks her home. They laugh on the way. They almost fall on the way and talk about how much fun they had. Rafe's sorry Stefano called her a strega (witch) and they start making out.

EJ and Sami end up in the square. He took her out because he didn't trust that he wouldn't rip off her clothes with the babysitter there. They go somewhere private - the park, and make-out until EJ takes a business call from Italy.

Jenn arrives home feeling terrible. She knows Daniel's right and calls the hospital to leave him a message: "This is Jennifer and I am so so sorry." Chloe overhears the nurse leaving a note. She distracts the nurse and tears up the note.

At Rafe's, clothes are strewn about as he and Kate have sex.

Sneak peek!

Lucas opens a mysterious package.

Kate and Rafe agree they made a mistake.

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