This Boring Unsexy Life.

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Marlena gets an unexpected telephone call, Nicole wants a night on the town, and Anne tears Jennifer a new one.

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Nicole has a few dreams about Father Eric taking her over his desk and kissing her passionately. She wakes up at the convent and blames her late taco dinner. What's wrong with her? Furious, she gets up, puts on a party dress and later, Father Eric catches her in his office. He takes in her outfit and her attitude stammers. There are convent rules. She can't go out like that. Nicole thinks he's jealous and she's tired of leading this boring unsexy life. She's making up for lost time. He asks what is really going on. She doesn't want to hurt him. He tells her not to return if she leaves.

At home, Sami tells Marlena she and EJ are back together. Marlena's surprised she wants to be with a man who was cruel to her instead of Rafe. It's a dead end street. Sami tells her to stop shrinking her. Marlena's sorry but she worries about Sami. Sami says things have been fun and easy. Marlena wishes she could be happy but once Stefano returns, will EJ change?

EJ calls Stefano from the park to tell him he's back with Samantha. How did he manage that? EJ explains it was effortless. Stefano laughs. EJ's positive it'll work out. Later, after EJ has left, Marlena walks by and takes a call from Stefano who tells her John paid him a visit. He taunts her about their families being close, what with Sami and EJ and Kristen and Brady coupling up. She should be happy her other son's a priest, he says, laughing.

In Chicago, Kristen feigns drunkenness. She gets up on the table and professes her love for Brady, hooting and hollering. She attempts to water the plants again with her drink and Brady catches her. She claims to love plants. In another room, Daniel gets a call from Chloe. Parker's temperature is 105. Kayla takes over and confirms it. Daniel will be right there. Kristen leans on Brady while he takes her to another room. She brings up marriage and babbles. Kristen wants her happy ending. Brady chuckles and hugs her.

Daniel arrives at the hospital. Chloe's in hysterics. Parker convulsed! Daniel runs to get word from the attending doctor and comforts Chloe. He asks why Chloe didn't call him at the club in Chicago and exasperated, she tells him Jenn lied about where they were going. Kayla interrupts. Parker's fever was caused by a virus and has broken. They check on Parker in his room while Jenn rushes into the waiting room and gets an earful from Anne for lying to Chloe about her whereabouts. Anne points and tells her, "Chloe's the mother of Daniel's child and you are nothing." Kayla stops by and updates Jenn on Parker's situation. Jenn flashes to the CPS note left on her desk a few weeks ago and realizes Anne and Chloe are working together. She goes to Daniel and at Chloe's insistence, he confronts Jenn.

EJ arrives on Sami's doorstep with some documents from work. They make out passionately on the sofa. Sami wants to tell the kids they're together. EJ agrees. The kids make noise and EJ checks on them. Sami does some work and searches EJ's pockets for a pen. Her mouth drops when she finds a ring box. She opens it, gasps at the huge sparkly diamond and says, "Dear lord."

At her place, Kristen worries Brady thinks she's a big fat drunk. He doesn't. They profess their love for each other and she confesses he hurt her feelings when he laughed at her for proposing. Brady's sorry. He explains it's impossible for them to marry. "It's me," he says but he can't discuss it now. Once he falls asleep, Kristen takes her phone into the hall and calls Stefano to complain that his refusal to marry her goes behind Marlena and John. Stefano advises her to be careful. She slips back into bed, determined to get what she wants.

Sneak peek!

Lucas opens a mysterious package.

Gabi almost catches Nick listening to a recorded conversation.

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