Blackmailed Three Times.

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Will and Lucas try to figure out who could be blackmailing them, Kristen fakes being drunk, and Chloe is furious when she learns she's been fooled.

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From home, Kristen fantasizes about ditching Brady at the altar and listening as he pounds on the door while she gets rid of her dress and engagement ring. She dresses for the evening, telling herself it's time to turn things up a notch.

Maggie stops Brady on his way out, worrying about Kristen hurting him.

At Jennifer's, she lies to Chloe that she and Daniel will be at Club Inferno this evening. She quickly shows her the door as Daniel walks out of the kitchen.

Tad goes to Sonny at the cafe. He found out his "gay friend is going to be a dad." Sonny fills him in. He's shocked and hopes he and Will can work it out.

In the square, Lucas receives Nick's anonymous text. "I know your son shot EJ DiMera."

From Gabi's room, Nick listens in through his surveillance device as Will and Gabi discuss the paternity test downstairs. Will receives a call from Lucas and they agree to meet. Upstairs, Nick rushes out. Later, Gabi is surprised to find him gone.

Back at the cafe, Tad is shocked to see a heavily pregnant Gabi walk in. He cracks jokes and awkwardly attempts to congratulate her. Tad goes. Gabi and Sonny get into it and Gabi asks him to try a little civility. They argue about who has hurt Will the most.

In his office, Lucas shows Will the anonymous text. Nick listens in with his surveillance device from the park. Lucas and Will rule out who could make threats about their secret. Lucas assumes it's someone who stumbled upon it. Will didn't think he'd be blackmailed three times after shooting EJ and in the park. Nick looks satisfied with the confession. Lucas flashes back to Will's emotional admission, years ago. Will apologizes to his father. He's a screw up. Will flashes to a cop escorting him home drunk a while after that night. He was trying to forget shooting EJ. Will realizes he told Tad that night that he shot EJ. He's doubtful that Tad would send that text and the two discuss the cops not running Will's prints at the mansion. Lucas suggests Nick sent the text but Will vetoes that.

Chloe arrives home to Maggie, who is babysitting tonight. Anne arrives and she and Chloe head to the square, Chloe explaining their scheme on the way.

Daniel, Jennifer, Brady and Kristen arrive at the Android Lounge in their glitziest outfits. The guys go off to buy drinks while the girls bond. Jenn cringes as she admits that she lied to Chloe about where she and Daniel would be tonight. Kristen cheers her on. Some drunken guy drops by wanting to buy the girls drinks. Jenn points out their boyfriends nearby so the guy leaves. At the bar, Brady and Daniel are annoyed that the bartender's taking so long. Kristen heads to the restroom and on the way tosses her drink into a plant and asks for a double vodka. Jenn's admirer returns to hit on her some more until Daniel belts him in the head, breaking his phone in the process. Brady lends him his phone and Dan checks his messages but has none. Kristen returns, pretending she's drunk. Kristen privately drains her drink into the nearest plant and throws herself at Brady.

At the square, Chloe hands a laxative over to Anne, reluctantly, worrying it's not safe. Anne scoffs. She'll slip it in Jenn's drink and it'll curtail any romance in Dan and Jenn's night. She heads into Club Inferno and returns shortly thereafter - they're not there! Chloe's pissed that Jennifer lied to her. Later, Will runs into Nick, who distracts him and grabs the transmitter from his backpack.

Chloe and Anne return to the mansion. Maggie runs out because a friend from AA needs her. Anne goes to check on Parker, noticing he's feverish.

Nick picks up Gabi from the cafe and they walk toward the pub. Gabi says Chad told Sonny what she did to Melanie. Nick's bowled over but guarantees her everything will be fine.

Will grabs a confused Tad at the park and assumes he's the one blackmailing him. Tad calls him crazy and Will apologizes. Tad knows he's an ass but he can be trusted.

Chloe and Anne rush into the hospital. Parker's temperature is 105. She panics and calls Daniel but he doesn't answer. She calls Brady's phone and yells that Parker's sick when Dan picks up.

Sneak peek!

Kristen gets drunk in the hopes of manipulating Brady into marrying her.

Chloe tells Daniel Jennifer lied about where they were going.

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