Suit Of Armor.

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Daniel and Jennifer make plans, Nick plots, and Jennifer lies.

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Nick listens outside Gabi's door as Rafe warns Gabi about Sami saying the court may take issue with her marrying a killer. Gabi panics and wonders if she should marry Nick. Rafe says there could be a custody battle - Sami will convince Will. Gabi says Nick has changed, but Rafe argues he was convicted of a violent crime. Nick leaves. Rafe and Gabi discuss his break-up with Sami. He says he tried to sell himself on a version of her that doesn't exist, besides, she's back with EJ.

At Sami's house, she tries to convince Will to ask for a paternity test. He thinks he would do it if Gabi puts Nick's name on the birth certificate. She says it will be more difficult then. EJ arrives with Johnny. Sami leaves Will with EJ. Will asks about the paternity test. EJ says it's exactly what he should do - it gives him as much protection as a suit of armor. Will decides he will just put his faith in Gabi. EJ tells him if he knew what he knows, he wouldn't think of Gabi the same way. Will is frustrated. He says he'll figure out a way to handle this. After, EJ tells Sami that Rafe promised to get Johnny an FBI jacket. She says it's not happening. EJ isn't upset - Johnny loves the jacket and he doesn't think Rafe is using the kids. Sami loves that he's not threatened by Rafe. They kiss.

In the square, Chloe tells Lucas that people were lining up to mess with her paternity test. Lucas makes it clear how he feels about her ruining lives, and says she and Daniel deserve each other.

At the Horton house, Jennifer assures Daniel she understands about last night and is happy he got to hear his son call him Daddy. Jenn tells him they're going to double-date with Brady and Kristen in Chicago and stay in a hotel. They kiss.

At the monastery, Eric grills Nicole about Kristen. She insists she hasn't threatened her, but did say something that got to her. Eric warns her not to mess with Kristen. Nicole asks him to just drop it. He leaves. Jennifer appears - she wants to talk to Nicole about Chloe. Jenn reminds Nicole she wanted to make amends and says she can help her not go through this nightmare again. Nicole won't tell her anything about Chloe. Jenn asks if she thinks Chloe is best for Daniel. Nicole tells Jenn not to give Chloe anything she can use against her.

Daniel shows Parker his stethoscope at the Kiriakis mansion. Chloe watches, smiling. Daniel says Jennifer told him that Maggie is watching Parker tonight. She asks if he has plans with Jennifer. He says he does. Chloe thinks Parker would be uncomfortable with him after he's gone for a whole day. Daniel insists he's going away. He leaves and Chloe looks angry. She spots the stethoscope.

At a store, Nick buys a pen with a recording device in it. The man tells him it's also a transmitter - he can listen on an earpiece. Nick also buys a disposable phone.

Nick returns to the pub in time to see Rafe saying goodbye to Gabi. Gabi tells Nick they need to talk. Will appears. He suggests they get a paternity test done before the baby is born. Gabi asks, "What?" Will explains that he just wants it on record. Gabi says Sami and EJ pushed him into this. Nick interrupts that they're just trying to protect Will and it shouldn't be a problem. He makes a show of saying it's what's best for the baby. Gabi seems puzzled, but agrees. Nick goes, leaving the recording pen nearby. Will tells Gabi he doesn't want to fight.

Eric is at the hospital when Lucas appears. He tells Eric he'll serve on the board if he can assure him he'll never have to deal with Nicole. Eric tells Lucas he can't guarantee it. Lucas says he'll do it anyway, but doesn't believe Nicole has changed. Nicole arrives in time to see Eric visiting Mrs. Kelly - she's moved by his kindness, but tells herself she can't have feelings for him.

Daniel and Jennifer are at her place. She tells him that he wrote down contact numbers for Chloe, who saw him playing with Parker at Victor's earlier. He leaves. Chloe comes to the door to return Daniel's stethoscope. She tells Jenn last night changed everything for Daniel and Parker. Jenn makes it clear they have plans tonight. Chloe presses to find out where they will be. Jenn lies that they will be in town at Club Inferno. Daniel reappears.

Back in his room, Nick pulls out the phone he bought.

In the square, Lucas receives a text: "I know your son shot EJ Dimera."

Sneak Peek!

Chloe is furious to learn she was duped.

Parker develops a fever and Chloe gets frantic.

Kristen again pressures Brady about marriage.

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