Forbidden Fruit.

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Kristen and Nicole make amends, Raf and Sami have it out, and Nick flashes to being stabbed.

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In her room, Brady refuses to marry Kristen on the sly. He rehashes his reasons with her.

Hope arrives to the rectory. A complaint was filed against Nicole for stealing Titan documents. Nicole assumes it's Brady and thinks Kristen put him up to it. Eric calls Brady to meet him at SPD.

At the pub, Julie gives Gabi baby clothes and talks about Nick's stabbing. She was worried they'd leave emotional scars but he seems fine. Gabi admits Nick doesn't like to discuss it. Nick intervenes and shuts Julie down. She leaves and Gabi wants to talk about the stabbing. He flashes to being stabbed and starts to shake. Things happened in prison he has learned to "forget" in order to survive.

Will arrives at the cafe with Sonny's key. He flashes to Sonny giving it to him and hands it over. Sonny's touched that Will left his watch for him. They agree to be friends. Will wants his happiness, even if it's not with him. Sonny flashes to kissing Brian and Will shows him the sonogram. Sonny smiles. "She has your nose." Sonny asks Will to be careful when it comes to Nick and Gabi but Will brushes his concerns off. He blurts out that he gave up the baby for him - not for them! That's how much Will loves him. Nick watches from the door as Sonny takes his hand. If he'd only known...Will says he screwed everything up and leaves.

Sami stumbles into Rafe at the park and starts to tell him about EJ but he knows and doesn't need to hear the details. Rafe finds it amazing that two weeks ago she was going to dump EJ for him. Sami thinks he's jealous. She wishes. She makes him sick. He's upset because he fell in love with a woman that doesn't exist. He wishes he could delete every single memory of her. Sami doesn't like that and thinks he said it only to hurt her. He denies it. Does she have any idea of what he has had to deal with? Sami starts throwing sex with EJ in his face, calling it the best day of her life. They rehash history and they both agree when Rafe says, "What we had is dead." They bicker about who will get custody of Gabi and Will's baby if issues should crop up. Rafe puts her on notice - he'll come after her if she plays any dirty tricks on his sister. Rafe leaves and Sami curses herself. What did she just do?

Nicole paces at SPD. Eric tells her to dial it down a little. Brady arrives and she gets in his face. He claims he didn't turn her in so she blames Kristen.

From home, Kristen calls Stefano to update him on Brady's refusal to marry her. He's annoyed and doesn't trust she'll get the job done. Offended, she hangs up on him.

Kristen arrives at SPD. She didn't call the police. Nicole is scared. Kristen decides not to press charges. Victor walks in. He reported it when his security team found that the files were downloaded from his home. Everyone files out and Hope reminds him Nicole's on his side. Victor tells her to relax. He's only messing with Nicole. He'll drop charges. Victor asks what's up with Bo. Hope clams up.

At the square, Kristen asks Nicole if they can walk to the church together. The girls go off and Eric thanks Brady for not pressing charges. Later, Sami walks as she tells herself she's stupid and texts Will to do damage control.

Kristen and Nicole arrive at the rectory. Kristen warns Nicole that she'll ruin her if she tries to go after her again. She'd like to be civil. They've a lot in common. She respects Nicole's scheme. Kristen can see she's off her game and knows why...Eric! "You know how to spell forbidden fruit? Rowr." Nicole doesn't know what she's talking about. Kristen says to take it from her, "You don't want to fall in love with a priest. It makes married men look like a walk in the park." She leaves and when Eric arrives, she's distant. He touches her arm and she stiffens. He pauses before asking why she's pushing him away.

Rafe arrives to Gabi's room and intones that there'll be trouble with Sami. Nick comes by and hears Rafe say Sami may try to take her baby away. The court may not like that she's marrying a murderer.

From Kristen's, she tells Brady she and Nicole called a truce. She doesn't want him to lose another person due to her. He'd like to reward her.

Will meets Sami at home. She encourages him to contact the custody lawyer and insist upon a paternity test - immediately.

Sneak peek!

Jenn and Dan make plans to head to Chicago for a night with Brady and Kristen.

Nicole gives Jenn advice on how to deal with Chloe.

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