Can You Spell Delusional?

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Brady and Sami go at it, Kristen's turned down a second time, and Abby and Cam start over.

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At the pub, Rafe has breakfast with Johnny, who steals his bacon when his back is turned. Johnny spent the night and asks for another FBI jacket. Rafe will try to find one. Rafe wonders what mommy was up to last night. Caroline interjects with coffee and Johnny comments about being happy Rafe will be spending more time with them. He runs off and Caroline sighs. She thought the reason for the sleepover was Rafe. Rafe wonders if Caroline gets tired of always taking the kids. She shrugs. They talk about Sami's continuous attacks on Gabi that he can't forgive. Upstairs, Gabi wakes up while Nick's researching Lucas' murder confession. They make love and she notices a scar on his back. Nick won't discuss it but flashes to a menacing voice warning him about being a snitch. He calls it a stupid accident and leaves. Later, Gabi heads downstairs and Caroline and Johnny play some Super Galactic Warfare. Gabi and Rafe discuss Sami. Rafe's certain Sami will leave her alone and admits they're over. Gabi takes responsibility for lying to Sami for months. Rafe scoffs at the irony.

EJ watches Sami sleep in her bed. He thinks about how lucky he is. She wakes up and they agree not to screw this up. They kiss. Both are very happy. Sami muses that she has no agenda. He's ready to "seal the deal again" so they make love. They relax. He feels like they've been together forever. They've been at each other's throats for so long, Sami worries about how people will react. Could Kristen use the information to hurt Marlena? EJ thinks they should call a truce where Kristen's concerned and not talk about it. Sami makes a face and starts yelling about his "whack-job sister." He groans and hides under the covers.

At the Horton household, Jenn eludes to Abby about having a terrible night last night until Cameron drops by with flowers for Abby. He goes to take a call and the ladies discuss whether or not this is a date. They leave. Nick shows up to pick up a letter for his parole officer. He tells her he and Gabi will marry in a few weeks. She's glad things are working out. He appreciates his family went to bat for him and is glad his daughter is going to be born into a good strong family. "Your daughter," Jenn repeats. She mentions his complicated situation and comments on Julie blurting out that he was attacked in jail a year ago. He rolls his eyes and asks her to keep it from Gabi. He wants to forget it but later flashes to it again.

Brady and Kristen wake up together in her bed. He admires her beauty and she mentions how serious she is about marrying him. He doesn't think it fits with how independent she is. He has John and Marlena to consider. She finds it very mature. She's just being sentimental. They kiss.

Cam and Abby dine outside at Mandalay. They agree to start over and they make another date before he leaves for work. Nearby, Sami bumps into Brady. They discuss his love-life and she tells him she and Rafe are over. Brady thinks she's an idiot and is now alone. She blurts out that she's not alone. "EJ and I..." Brady thinks she has 'lost her freaking mind' and is a hypocrite. She's sleeping with the man she tried to kill! "Every relationship has its ups and downs." Sami says he's sleeping with his step-mother but he reminds her Kristen and John never married. Brady brings up the Sydnapping and RoboRafe. Sami doesn't want to rehash it and they go back and forth. Sami calls him delusional. They finally agree to disagree and Brady promises to keep quiet. They go their separate ways and Sami bumps into Rafe. She wants to talk.

Kristen meets EJ at the cafe. He happily tells her he and Samantha are back together and he owes her. She thought he looked as though he didn't sleep. She thinks it's smart to keep this from Stefano for now. He hasn't recovered from her and Brady yet.

Brady meets Kristen at her place. She comes up with a plan to hide their marriage.

EJ picks Johnny up from the pub.

Sneak peek!

Will gives Sonny back his key.

Victor is pressing charges on Nicole for the stolen Titan files.

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