Do Superheroes Cry?

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Jenn puts Chloe on notice, Kristen's proposal is met with laughter, and Parker surprises Daniel.

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In Europe, John lets himself into Stefano's place where Stefano greets a weary John warmly. John's there to discuss Kristen and put him on notice, before shoving off.

Marlena watches from inside Mandalay while outside, Kristen makes a big show of forgiving Brady for not trusting her where the confidential Titan documents were concerned. Brady leaves while Kristen goes to taunt Marlena about her loneliness. Marlena calls Kristen on her borderline personality with sociopathic tendencies. In layman's terms she's "a complete bitch." Kristen warns she could become her daughter-in-law soon. Marlena thinks eventually, Kristen will self-destruct and Brady will leave her - just as John did.

In the pub, Caroline hugs Will, reminding him he's loved, while upstairs, Nick wants to prove Will's the one who shot EJ. Caroline gets emotional while looking at the sonogram and Will shows it to Johnny. Nick arrives and starts questioning Will about how Sonny took the news. Will explains he and Sonny haven't had the time to work things out. Will's focusing on helping Gabi through her pregnancy. Marlena arrives and asks how Nick's doing. He's very positive which gives Marlena pause. Nick heads upstairs and goes online. "One gay boy down, one to go." Later, Will brushes off Marlena's concerns that Nick and Gabi could renege on letting him be a part of his daughter's life.

EJ carries Sami to bed at her apartment. They make love. Sami muses that this is like seeing him for the first time. EJ's been dreaming about this for so long... "I love you," Sami whispers. "No, that's not right. I mean I do but what I should say right now is that I trust you." He returns her sentiment of trust and they make-out and banter and Sami asks him to stay over since the kids are at sleep-overs. He gets them wine and snacks and puts on a French accent, making her laugh. They toast to new beginnings and talk to Johnny over the phone.

While at a romantic spot, Daniel and Jennifer's love making is abruptly cut short when Chloe calls in hysterics. She plays a recording of Parker crying, so Daniel decides to go home.

Back at the mansion, Chloe expresses her excitement to Parker about Daddy returning home, just as Brady waltzes in. Chloe lies about Parker crying and Brady tells Parker, "No more crying. Do superheroes cry?" Parker grins and shakes his head, 'no'. Daniel arrives, and upon noticing Parker's quite content, he takes her aside and tells her it's obvious Parker hasn't been crying all night. Chloe gets defensive. While they're arguing, Parker says, "Daddy." Daniel's mood immediately changes.

Kristen sits with Jenn at the cafe. She can tell Jenn's upset and offers to help. Brady interrupts and Kristen takes off to accept a call from Stefano, who relates his visit from John. Kristen finds it amusing and curious. Wait til he sees her next move! She's going to convince Brady to marry him so she can jilt him at the altar. "Just like John did to me." Inside, Brady and Jenn discuss going on a double date. She comments about her night with Daniel being interrupted and questions the timing. She takes a call from Daniel who tells her the news. Brady's confused when she tells him Parker was crying earlier, since he was fine about an hour ago. He leaves and Jenn is disgusted that Chloe used Parker to break up her date with Daniel. Outside, Brady gives Kristen a three-month anniversary gift. She loves him - to death, she says, kissing him.

Kristen and Brady go to bed at her place. She proposes marriage. His eyebrows shoot up and he starts to laugh. He thinks she's a "jokester."

Chloe drops by Jenn's to apologize for ruining her night. Jenn puts her on notice. She and Daniel will get their time together.

Sneak peek!

Sami and Brady fight.

Nick has a harrowing memory of his time in prison.

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