A Night To Remember.

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Daniel recognizes an anniversary, Rafe confronts Sami, and New Year's plans are made.

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At the Horton house, Jennifer tells Daniel she's looking forward to their date over the phone, and then tells Abby she can't wait three hours - she's so excited. Hope arrives and Abby tells her to ask Jenn about her lunch plans. Jenn says she and Daniel are keeping things low key, but admits she's worried they won't be able to get back what they had. They discuss Jack - Jenn says he would want her to move on and be happy. Hope tells her if she wants this, she'll have to trust it. Jenn remembers her files at the hospital and they take off.

Eric gives Nicole a gift at the monastery to thank her for letting him express his feelings - but he doesn't think the photograph is enough. She says there's something else she'd like - for him to be her date for New Year's Eve. She hastily rephrases her request - she just wants to hang out together. Eric tells her he already has plans to volunteer. He suggests she join him. She asks, "Are you crazy?" Nicole complains she's not his pet project and tells him to have a rockin' New Year's - maybe the homeless will teach him how to have fun.

At the cafe, EJ tells Chad that Christmas is going to come a little late for him this year - he told Sami that he wants them to be a family again. Chad warns he may be overly optimistic. Abby enters and EJ notes her and Chad smiling at each other. They admit they spent part of Christmas together. After, Chad tells EJ to knock it off as he grins that she's very attractive and they had something special once. EJ encourages Chad to go for it.

In the square, Sami asks Rafe why he was so scarce at Christmas. Rafe says he'll give her an answer but she may not like it. He complains about seeing her with her arms around EJ. Sami says EJ had just visited Lexi's grave. Rafe says she's also working with EJ - he wonders if EJ is getting the same mixed signals that he has been. Sami admits she's conflicted. Rafe thinks she puts herself in the middle, which is exactly where she wants to be. Sami says she can't sort her feelings out according to his deadline. Rafe says he's not playing this game anymore and has earned the right not to be in a competition for her.

Maggie spots Daniel at the hospital just as he realizes it's been two years to the day that he found out he lost Parker. He asks Maggie what he's like. Maggie says he's a lovely little boy with the best smile, whom Victor thinks has exceptional athletic ability. Daniel gets a little choked up and tells Maggie he and Jenn have a lunch date. Maggie thinks he should take more time to deal with his feelings about Parker first. Daniel says he's not putting off his date with Jenn. After he cleans up, he tells Maggie that Jenn just texted to cancel their lunch.

Nicole and Rafe have an argument in the pub over money. They're both expressing their frustrations over their prior dealings with Eric and Sami. They end up laughing. They sit down and Rafe sounds off about Sami and competing with EJ. Nicole says she felt the same way about Daniel and is working on getting over it. She decides she and Rafe can help each other out by spending New Year's Eve together. Rafe agrees.

Sami meets Eric at the cafe and complains to him about Rafe. She says she knows exactly how to choose. EJ walks in. Eric wishes them a Happy New Year and leaves. Sami tells EJ not even to suggest that she's not capable of deciding what she wants. He smiles and says he's got another decision for her. "Will you be my date for New Year's Eve?" He takes her hand and she looks in his eyes and says yes - it will be a night to remember.

At home, Jenn paces around the Christmas tree and texts Daniel back that she's not feeling well. Soon he arrives at the door with flowers.

Still at the hospital, Maggie tells Hope that Jenn told Daniel she's not feeling well and canceled their date. Hope says Jenn was there twenty minutes ago and was fine. Maggie worries she overheard her and Daniel.

Chad spots Abby in the square and tells her to have a Happy New Year if he doesn't see her. She returns the sentiment and looks thoughtful as he walks off.

Sneak peek!

Brady wants to spend New Year's Eve with Kristen.

John gets an eyeful when he walks in on Brady with Kristen.

Will has a nightmare about his child.

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