The One Present She Wants.

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Kristen plays Brady, Victor receives a special gift, and ornaments are hung on the Horton tree.

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Julie and Jennifer embrace at the Horton house. Nick appears and Julie takes him aside to ask if he's really ready to commit to Gabi. Nick says it's given his life meaning again. Doug quizzes Jenn on how she's doing. She admits she's missing JJ. Lucas and Ali arrive. Lucas wishes Jenn every happiness. She returns the sentiment.

Brady and Nicole run into each other in the square. They embrace and he looks over at Kristen. Brady agrees to give Sydney a kiss for Nicole. EJ joins her and she says she has come up with a way to convince John she's not a threat. "I decided to get into bed with Brady." EJ introduces Kristen to Nicole. Kristen tells Brady to text her later - she has a business proposition. Nicole asks EJ to wait. She wants him to wish Johnny and Sydney a Merry Christmas for her - they're the only kids she ever had, or will have.

Marlena and Roman bring Eric a gift at the monastery. They tell him they're so proud of the man he's become. Later, Eric finds Nicole there. She's upset that EJ won't wish the kids a Merry Christmas for her. Eric invites her to Mass. She says she's hopeless and miracles are for other people. Eric gives her a pep talk. She says she needs a drink and leaves.

Hope and Sierra wrap Bo's present upstairs where they are staying.

Will and Sonny greet Adrienne and Justin at the cafe.

Rafe gives Sami the penguin for Syd at the pub. She asks if everything is okay. He flashes to seeing her with EJ. Gabi arrives to get Rafe for the Horton's house. Sami asks if he'll be at Mass later. He says they're going elsewhere and is working tomorrow - he won't be able to stop by. Caroline wishes Bo a Merry Christmas on the phone. EJ and Kristen arrive. Kristen leaves for a meeting. Kayla enters and makes a face upon seeing EJ. Sami says to her, "Surprise!"

Victor plants a kiss on Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion. Abby is there and Daniel arrives. She wants to talk to him about her mom. She tells him he makes her happy and that's all that matters. Sonny, Will, Justin and Adrienne arrive. Daniel tells Victor he won't be joining them later at the Horton's. Justin tells Victor there's a present from him, Bo, Daniel, and Brady. Brady enters with Victor's gift. It's the deed to the first boat his grandfather ever owned and lost in a poker game. Justin says Bo tracked it down. Brady leaves, telling Daniel he heard he saved Jenn's life. They agree to see each other later.

Rafe and Gabi join the others at the Horton's. Julie tells Gabi they're happy for her and Nick and asks Rafe about Sami. Rafe says they're not together. Sonny, Will, and Maggie arrive. Maggie urges Jenn to text Daniel. Will listens as Rafe tells Nick marriage isn't easy. Gabi approaches Sonny, who blows her off. Hope joins them via Skype as they put their ornaments on the tree. Jenn sends Daniel a text message. He sends one back. "Merry Christmas." Jenn looks at Jack's photo.

Brady meets Kristen in the square. They're both ready to get down to business. She gifts him with the Caldwell Original from the website and claims to have had no idea he was a fan. Brady is thrilled with her and hopes they can spend the night together after he goes to Mass. He assures her Jenn didn't tell Daniel about them. He leaves, and she murmurs that Brady's helping her get the one present she wants - revenge.

In the square, Nicole gets a video email from Sydney saying, "Mommy Nicole, I love my doll." She cries happily.

Across the world, Hope tries to get Ciara back to sleep by reading to her from the Bible.

Salem residents gather at Mass. Sami smiles at EJ, who sits with Kristen. Brady watches her. Jenn and Daniel exchange looks across the aisle. Rafe arrives and Sami looks confused. Eric notices Nicole, who smiles. Everyone sings.

Sneak peek!

Christmas Day celebrations continue.

DiMera siblings visit and share gifts.

Eric counsels Sami about her love life.

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