One Big Fat Lie.

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Dr. Lewis confirms that Daniel's tremors are gone, John asks for a favor from Brady, and Gabi slips up.

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While entering the cafe, EJ snarks off on the phone to a client. Sami laughs. It isn't as if they're negotiating peace. Chad mopes over, upset Sami's planning Gabi's wedding. Sami is surprised EJ doesn't mind but he points out that they have a partnership and he wants her to be happy. He shoos her out to meet Hope and she kisses his cheek. Chad notices EJ has Sami eating out of the palm of his hand. EJ acts innocent but encourages Chad to listen to any advice their sister gives him. He leaves and from behind, Gabi shoves Chad hard and threatens to call Justin and have him sent to prison for opening his mouth to Sonny. He tells her it's a two-way street and she calls him a creep. He smirks. He knows why she's rushing her wedding and asks why Nick was so upset the other night at her room. Gabi blames Chad for having that type of affect on people.

At the square, Rafe tells Hope he's not happy with Gabi and Nick's wedding news. Hope suggests he fake it and convinces him to help plan the wedding. She comments that Sami's doing all this wedding planning in order to impress him.

Gabi heads into the pub and lets Will know Chad went to work on Sonny, who now hates her. Will feels "this whole thing is getting out of control." Gabi gets defensive but Will points out this whole things is turning into "one big fat lie" just like it did for his parents. Gabi disagrees and runs off. Sami and Hope arrive and Hope's not happy to learn that Sami's working for EJ, who she's sure has an agenda. Sami defends him. Rafe and Gabi arrive and Gabi lets it slip she's 12 weeks pregnant. Hope's confused because Nick said it was closer to 6 weeks.

At the hospital, Dr. Lewis confirms that Daniel's tremors are a thing of the past. Kayla hugs him. Maggie finds Jennifer in her room dressing. She gushes about wanting to thank Daniel but Maggie says he's with Doc Lewis. Maggie leaves and Kayla heads in to check on Jenn. Jenn asks if Daniel has seen the doctor but Kayla thinks he's the one who should update her about that. Meanwhile, Daniel shows off his steady hands to Maggie before going to see Jenn to update her. He shows her his hands a few times and she threads her fingers between his and they gush at how thankful to each other they are. Daniel mentions her talking while she was loopy from the drugs. Jenn laughs and figures she didn't make sense. Dejected, he moves away from her.

Brady hides in Kristen's bathroom when John shows up with Brady's gift. Kristen acts confused about the gift and John admits he used it as an excuse to thank her for not calling the police on Marlena for breaking into her room. John assumes the gift is a thank-you. Kristen is glad they can have a peaceful coexistence. John leaves and Brady comes out of the bathroom, relieved. Kristen fawns over her gift as Brady puts it on her wrist.

In her room at the hospital, Jenn and Daniel are interrupted by Kristen who was afraid for Jenn. Daniel leaves to get release forms and Kristen offers a ride home. Jenn says Abby's on the way but thanks her for coming. Jenn fills her in about who Daniel is. Kristen says it's a shame he's not better looking. Jenn doesn't get the joke and calls him one of the best looking men she's met. Kristen laughs. "Gotcha!" She leaves as Daniel returns with release papers. Jenn heads home and Maggie notices Daniel looks depressed.

EJ and Will run into each other at the square. It's been a while. Will's mind is on Gabi and EJ notices he's distant. Will claims he's just busy. EJ heard he has a boyfriend. Will says things are going well. EJ hopes he has a fantastic new year. "Amen to that," Will agrees. Nearby, John fills Brady in on giving Kristen his gift and asks if Brady will keep an eye on her in case he's wrong about her.

Brady catches up to Kristen in the park and kisses her. He explains that John asked him to keep a close eye on her. She hugs him and says he doesn't know how important he has become to her but someday she hopes he will.

At home, Jenn flashes back to telling Daniel she loves him. Her jaw drops open in shock.

Sneak peek!

Rafe thanks Will for being a good friend to Gabi.

Kate surprises Daniel.

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