Tinfoil Hat.

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Justin warns Chad, Kristen gives advice, and Victor tries to warn John.

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Abigail and Will meet at the pub and discuss being involved in Gabi's wedding. Abby notes it's so fast but hopes things work out for them. Will gushes about Sonny being the best thing to ever happen to him and Abby mopes about not being girlfriend material. "You're not ancient. You're not 40," he tells her. It'll happen.

At the rectory, a nun tells Gabi and Nick that Father Eric will be with them in a moment. Gabi wonders if he knows she's pregnant. Eric walks up, having overheard. They show surprise on their faces when Eric tells he's Sami's twin and Will's uncle. He says he can marry them but they've got to go through pre-cana counseling and hands them a schedule.

Sonny meets with Justin at the square and asks if it's true, that Gabi is behind Melanie's kidnapping. Justin's unable to discuss this and asks Sonny not to discuss this with anyone. Later, Sonny calls Will to meet.

Chad bumps into Kristen at the cafe. He's not in a great place these days. He's vague about breaking a trust. She assumes he's worried it'll come back and bite him and teaches him to leave his emotions out of the revenge for the best results. It's only satisfying when the object of his revenge can't turn the tables on him.

From home, Brady thinks of Kristen as he holds a bracelet for Kristen and writes her a note about their "memorable night." Victor finds him and wonders who the gift is for. It's none of his business, Brady warns. Victor deduces he has met someone. He's delighted. Brady asks who he is and what he has done with his grandfather. Victor's happy he moved on and suggests they go have coffee at Sonny's cafe. He takes a call as Brady leaves his card and gift for Kristen in the foyer.

John greets Marlena at work with a kiss. She flashes to Kristen with Brady in bed and hasn't been honest with him. He wants her to spit it out. She talks about them being survivors but she can't take Kristen at face value. John receives an important business call and has to go. She flashes to Kristen telling her she must be happy that she's not sleeping with John and can't tell him the truth.

Back at the pub, Sonny asks Will not to stand up for Gabi at her wedding. Will doesn't want to do it either but he made a promise. Nick and Gabi turn up and Sonny is cold toward them. Gabi takes him aside and tells him to back off. Inside, Will learns from Nick that his uncle is presiding over his marriage to Gabi. Will calls it a nightmare. Nick asks, "You're not going to be trouble for us are you Will?"

Brady and Victor arrive at the cafe. Victor sees Kristen. "The fruit cake is still in town?" Brady sighs. Nearby, Chad will consider spending time with her and EJ during the holidays. She hugs him and he runs off. She gives Brady a clandestine look. "I guess she left her tinfoil hat back at the hotel," Victor snipes. Brady asks him to let it go. He and John have. Victor wonders if the bump on his head from the muggers scrambled his brains. Victor wonders how Marlena feels about this. Brady runs to work and Victor makes a call to meet someone. Abby arrives and he and Chad are depressed that Melanie hasn't contacted them. Chad asks her out. Justin interrupts and privately berates him for telling Sonny the truth. Now, his fate rests in Sonny's hands. He leaves and Abby returns. She considers going out with him.

Brady visits Kristen at her hotel for an afternoon delight. He wants to give her the gift but realizes he left it out at the mansion for anyone to see. They agree he's an idiot.

Marlena surprises Eric at the rectory. She needs someone to talk to.

John has coffee with Victor at the mansion. Brady's been talking about how Kristen turned from Lizzie Borden to Mary Poppins. John laughs and insists he handles this his own way. Victor is worried considering how cunning Kristen is. On his way out, John sees the gift Brady got for Kristen.

John knocks at Kristen's hotel door. Kristen quietly rushes Brady into the bathroom to hide and opens the door. John holds out her gift.

Sneak peek!

Gabi and Chad argue.

Gabi lets it slip that she's further along in her pregnancy.

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